Menu plan 1 Sept 08

Let’s not talk about how things went last week. I think only 2 nights went according to plan, it’s all a bit of a horrible blur really. However, one of the on plan nights was the crockpot coconut beef and it was good.

Spaghetti Bolognese
Fruit & yoghurt
Honey lamb casserole & rice – it’s in the freezer ready to reheat
Fruit & yoghurt
Oven baked crumbed chicken, noodles & steamed veg
Ice cream & fruit
Japanese takeaway – last week we ended up with KFC instead of Japanese so I’m still craving this
Fruit & yoghurt
Oven fish & chips with steamed veg
Fruit & yoghurt
Lamb Rogan Josh & rice
Ice cream & fruit
Baked dinner
Apple pie

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