Samantha vs. the laptop

Sam: Right, just let me get comfy here *knead knead knead knead knead* You weren’t using those boobs for anything important were you?

Me: Sit down you loopy cat, I can’t see the keyboard.

Sam: I only sat down because I wanted to you know.

Me: Fine, just don’t move, I’m blogging this.

Extra points if you can identify the Giant Microbes in the glass bowl behind me.
(photos taken with my laptop’s webcam)

5 thoughts on “Samantha vs. the laptop

  1. lol.Cats are funny.Mine don’t bother me much on the computer–more when I’m trying to read a magazine at the kitchen table.Mu Shu will plop down on the magazine. I push him off and he comes right back on again.

  2. Is the one on the right a giardia? Though why you would want one of those in your study I don’t know. Mr Barry has yet to figure out the joy of computus interruptus. Though I imagine it’s only a matter of time. He likes to walk over Darren’s laptop when it’s on though.

  3. Nah, not giardia. There’s Beer Yeast, the Flu, Syphilis and the Plague visible in the photos. We also have Mad Cow, the Common Cold, Ulcer, E.Coli, Malaria and Salmonella and they’re on display in a big glass bowl in the loungeroom. Because I am a geek tragic. And it’s fun to throw plush microbes at the kids and give them diseases.

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