Link-fest No.8

Random stuff that I like and a few ways to waste time.

Stephen Fry blogs about language.

Otto the octopus wreaks havoc.

Cath at The Canberra Cook keeps posting recipes which I read and think “Must cook that” (but because I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking I have yet to try any of them). Her Christmas Cake sounds fabulous, I should have started it several weeks ago….

I’m not sure just how much of the periodic table I’d have been able to fill in back in the days of university chemistry lectures but I do know that the number of elements I can recall off the top of my head now is depressingly small. Though I’m sure doing it while sitting in front of the Roman Mysteries on DVD isn’t helping (the kids are pretending not to be interested while sitting with eyes glued to the screen).

My score on the geography quiz is slowly improving, I only occasionally end up on the wrong continent now.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

found posted in the comments thread here

Lauredhel linked to this a while back: Test your colour IQ. I scored 20, whatever that means.

What fun/interesting stuff have you come across lately?

9 thoughts on “Link-fest No.8

  1. Dude, that geography quiz kicked my ass! I am going to add the Facebook app now, for sure. I’m always terrible with mappy things. SIGH.

  2. Thanks a bunch Mim. NOT! I used to recall all of the periodic table…now I’m sadly reduced to just on half of it.As for the hue test – it’s quite serendipitous that you should link to that as i’m studying (yes, studying) colour perception right at the moment and hue is one of the three elements of ‘colour’ that i must remember.The colours, fyi, come from a munsell chart type of thingy – archaeologists also use it to determine the colour of dirt they’ve found artefacts in.Useful knowledge is not something I’m particularly adept at remembering – random, useless shit – that’s my speciality!Nat

  3. Nic, I can’t get past level 6 but tonight was the first time Adam’s seen it and he hits level 8 in like 3 goes. Bastard.Nat, I could never remember the whole periodic table!

  4. I used to play the geography thing on Facebook. I was so obsessed.I did the Oceania one about 500+ times. Literally. I eventually got my score into the top 25 people. But I think I’ve lost my place by now. I probably also don’t remember where half the places are. I should take the test again today and see how much I actually remember.

  5. Is it safe to admit that I got to level 10 on my first attempt?Of course I’ve been stuck there till last night when I finally cracked into level 11…

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