Because clearly I have too much free time

Caitlin sang Abba’s Thank You For the Music in the school talent quest this afternoon, she was first up on stage, the microphone wasn’t working properly (again) and the audience started clapping just as she was about to start the 3rd verse. She took it all in her stride and sang beautifully.

I was thrilled to see several other very talented kids up there singing this year, a couple of year 6 girls with very good voices, one of whom accompanied herself on the electric guitar, and a boy in Caitlin’s year who sang Little People from Les Misérables. I get all stupid grinning happy when I see kids doing this stuff whether they’re my own kids or not, I’m the same with the dance concert each year too.

Afterwards when we were out in the playground having congratulatory hugs one of the teachers came up to us and instructed me to book Caitlin in for an audition with the Berowra Musical Society for their production of Les Miz.

So I did.

(I harbour a secret desire to be in a musical myself one day, perhaps I ought to audition too….)

8 thoughts on “Because clearly I have too much free time

  1. As someone who discovered the joys of singing when I was about 11 or 12 I can’t recommend it highly enough. Purely for life pleasure. Although there was a time when I used to get paid to sing, these days I get as much pleasure from singing along to the ABBA movie.It is a wonderful gift to know you can bring pleasure to others and to yourself.

  2. I loved being in the school choir in high school – in fact I couldn’t wait to get to high school because of the choir! And then taking singing lessons and joining the local musical union during my senior years in high school was great. It’s certainly something I’d like to take up again.

  3. Oh, I am so down with the singing=made of win. At my new job, one of the faculties offers community courses in voice work…am seriously contemplating taking it up again…And “Firefly the Musical?” Yes, please!!

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