Caitlin has something to share

UPDATE: Caitlin is also a perfectionist, so we have made the first recorded version of her song private and will share a video of the polished up version when it is ready. Meanwhile youtube embedding has apparently decided to show you baby bunnies instead – enjoy! UPDATE on the update: The song is now finished and we did another recording, Caitlin has decreed it “good enough” to share (I suspect she’d had enough of me pointing a camera at her) so no more bunnies unless you go visit my channel on YouTube For quite some time now Caitlin has been … Continue reading Caitlin has something to share

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. My mind isn’t so much fragmented as mush at the moment, it’s been kind of a long week, but I’ve fished out a few bits and bobs to share. For more end of week shrapnel head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time! ***** On Tuesday I had my 3rd singing lesson and my teacher said nice things to me. So I guess I’m not completely delusional and there might be some point to this exercise. Who knows, one day I might even be fit to be heard in public. I’m really enjoying the lessons and the practicing, … Continue reading Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 13

Hosted by Mrs4444. I won’t be around to comment on everyone else’s Friday Fragments till early next week, we’re off camping at the beach for the weekend – wish us good weather and kid-friendly surf! **** Monday morning’s car trip to school conversation went like this – Tom: Mum, how old do you have to be to mumble mumble mumble? Me: I can’t understand what you’re asking. Tom: *repeats* Me: It’s like you’re speaking a foreign language! Tom: How old do you have to be to have sex? Me: *enlightenment dawns, he was spelling S-E-X and I just wasn’t parsing … Continue reading Friday Fragments and Linkfest No. 13

Beginner’s Guide to Messiah

When Adam announced that he was buying tickets for us to take the kids to a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Sydney Opera House the day after our Christmas party I was a little unsure of the wisdom of such an endeavour. At breakfast this morning, which we were eating at midday on account of Adam and I having gone to bed at 4am, Tom very nearly confirmed all my fears by greeting the news that we were off to the city with a massive attack of the grumps, but after I threatened dire consequences for bad behaviour and … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Messiah

The kids have begun singing Christmas songs

Which would be nice if they ever sang more than the one chorus of the one song over and over again. I need to put together a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs so I can switch it on whenever they start and attempt to expand their repertoire. This one will be on there for starters: White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin Click here if you can’t see the embedded video Continue reading The kids have begun singing Christmas songs

School talent quest

This year I had two little performers doing their thing at the school talent quest, both of them practiced hard and both of them were fabulous (I may be a little biased here of course.) Tom was persuaded to sing without any music, here’s his rendition of the first half of “I Will Survive.” Click here if you can’t see the embedded video. Continue reading School talent quest

Getting ready

I’ve spent the last few weeks responding to every hint of Christmas – decorations in shops, carol singing kids at the breakfast table, request from Adam for fruit mince pies (he ended up cooking his own) – by growling “it’s not December yet!” in true bah humbug fashion. But come Monday it will be December and that means there’s a whole bunch of Stuff To Do this weekend. As I mentioned, we’ve done barely any Christmas shopping, so tonight is list writing time and the plan is to be up and out bright and early tomorrow morning for a bit … Continue reading Getting ready

Because clearly I have too much free time

Caitlin sang Abba’s Thank You For the Music in the school talent quest this afternoon, she was first up on stage, the microphone wasn’t working properly (again) and the audience started clapping just as she was about to start the 3rd verse. She took it all in her stride and sang beautifully. I was thrilled to see several other very talented kids up there singing this year, a couple of year 6 girls with very good voices, one of whom accompanied herself on the electric guitar, and a boy in Caitlin’s year who sang Little People from Les Misérables. I … Continue reading Because clearly I have too much free time