Absolutely Fabulous

Break out the Bolly folks, I have it on good authority that this blog is just fabulous darling. (Sorry, can’t read the word “fabulous” without hearing it in my mind à la Ab Fab) Anyhoo, thank you so much Liz, I’m very flattered 🙂

There are rules associated with this blog award: Name 5 other fabulous blogs and share 5 things that you find fabulous.

So, first up, 5 Fabulous Blogs.
(This having to choose thing? It is hard!)

  1. Hoyden About Town – Down to earth Down Under feminism from Tigtog and Lauredhel, and a fabulous commenting community.
  2. In a Strange Land – Deborah is a Kiwi transplanted to South Australia blogging about feminism, parenting and politics.
  3. Sophie in the Moonlight – Heart wrenching, courageous and full of hope, Sophie shares her experiences of being bipolar.
  4. A Room of Mama’s Own – MPJ’s writing is full of her fierce love for her family as she blogs about autism, addiction and self-discovery.
  5. Grab Your Fork – Whenever I read one of Helen’s delectable posts I end up ravenous, quite apart form anything else there’s all these gorgeous photos of food.

And now, 5 things I find fabulous.

  1. Misty mornings, or any time of the day really. Especially when camping. When we went to Beorg-wic back in October there was one afternoon when the clouds rolled down into the valley, settled over the campsite and turned the whole forest into a magical misty realm.
  2. Hot chocolate milk with butterscotch schnapps.
  3. Ocean waves breaking against the rocks. I could spend ages just sitting and looking down from the cliff tops on North Head.
  4. Hugs from my kids. Every afternoon when I pick the kids up from school each of them comes straight up to me in the playground for a big hug and kiss, even my gorgeous 11 year old boy. I reckon that’s pretty special. Every night at bed-time they all still want mummy hugs in bed. I hope we will always have hugs for each other. (I still get and give hugs with my mum and dad.)
  5. Stanton and Killeen Grand Muscat. OMG so good. The first time Adam and I tried this, a few years ago, we’d just bought a mixed case of their wines at the cellar door and were offered a free tasting (usually you’d pay to taste this one). We looked at the price and regretfully chose to be sensible, leaving without buying a bottle. Half an hour later we were driving along the Hume Highway still savouring the aftertaste and saying to each other “we SO should have bought some!” So I got him a bottle for Christmas a few weeks later.

5 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous

  1. It just goes to show how much your kids love you. I remember my mum’s heart breaking when my Bir brother at 8 asked if he could kiss his mum goodbye at home.Not everyone can be as strong as us though Mim.

  2. Silly meI didn’t notice that because I logged into my LibGuide first. I therefore commented as emma the librarian not yodaobi.

  3. Aaww, thanks, Mim. I will officially accept your award on Saturday. It’s going to take me that long to narrow down the five bloggers to whom I pay it forward.HARD!!!!But, being called fabulous makes it all worth it.You’re Maaahhvelous, darling, maaahhvelous!

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