2008 in review

At the beginning of the year I posted a list of things I wanted to do during the year. I kind of lost interest in keeping some of the more mundane things on the list updated but looking back I’d say I’ve managed to do almost half of what I planned.

1. Bushwalking.
2. Swimming 50m laps.
3. Bike riding at Western Plains Zoo.
4. Cooking new meals.
5. House extension planning.
6. Bowling.
7. Selling jewellery.
8. Join the archery club.
9. Go see a play – not Shakespeare.
10. Camping with the Huscarls.
11. Learn bead making.
12. Write book reviews.

1, 2 3 & 6. I’ve done bugger all bushwalking, swimming or bike riding and haven’t been bowling very often at all (which is a shame because I really love bowling).

4. I’ve cooked lots of new meals, probably more often than once a month, and some of them have even been recipes of my own devising.

5. The house extension planning hasn’t made much progress at all but I do have a couple of recommendations for builders so that’s something at least – and we did put the ducted air-con in with allowance for the extension if/when it’s built.

7. Jewellery sales have been slow but gratifying, I need to get more of my stuff posted online to sell.

8. We joined the archery club but have yet to be offered a spot in a beginner’s course, that should happen some time in the new year.

9. Haven’t seen any live theatre at all this year, but I asked Mum for tickets to Belvoir Street Theatre productions for my birthday and Christmas presents so we’ll be going to a few different shows in the year to come.

10. This one we did with a vengeance! Fun times. And some not so fun. We’re already talking about which events we’ll attend next year, I’m looking forward to it.

11. I loved learning how to make glass beads, so much fun! I have a big bundle of glass rods waiting to be turned into pretty beads, hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some while the kids are on holidays.

12. I have no idea why I ever thought I would write reviews of anything I read, let alone everything, I didn’t even manage to keep my no frills list of books read up to date.

As for the things I didn’t plan on:

We inherited a dog.


I was offered a job, but it turned out to be only 2 weeks work. Then I was offered another job – at my favourite bookshop. Then the first job wanted me back. And suddenly I went from not having been in paid work for 11 years to working 4 days a week. Still haven’t quite adjusted to that (and probably won’t for a couple of months yet because I’m lucky enough that when the kids are on holidays I don’t have to go to work).

All in all it’s been a pretty good year

3 thoughts on “2008 in review

  1. It sounds like you had a good year.I think that’s awesome that you got to work at your favorite bookstore.I haven’t had a job in a LONG time. If/when I do get a job again, I’d love to work at a bookstore. I think it would be my top choice.

  2. Hi Chris 🙂 Bushwalking is simply going for a walk in the “bush”. It can be anything from a short wander on well maintained paths to full-on multi-day hiking through rough wilderness areas. I prefer the short well maintained version!

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