Sunday snippets

We re-strung the clothes line yesterday so of course it rained today and is forecast to do so all week. Ariane claims she is responsible but I think we made some contribution at least. Today Adam and I dismantled Caitlin’s old loft bed, finished cleaning up her old bedroom and turned it into our gym. This involved moving the treadmill, exercise bike and weights machine from the half of the rumpus room that is not our bedroom, out the back door and back into the new gym. We did this in the rain. We decided not to move the lounge … Continue reading Sunday snippets

Bye, bye November

It’s been fun, I’ve written 12 times as many posts as I did last month making it through my third NaBloPoMo with relative ease and, I think, only minor irritation to my family. We have 2 and a half weeks of school left for the kids, that’s only 12 days of primary school to go for David. I got his high school orientation info pack today, so many pieces of paper, so many forms to fill in, fees to pay (I’m interested to see that these include a voluntary $100 per student donation to the P&C – wonder how many … Continue reading Bye, bye November

All blogged up and nothing to say

I’m sitting in my lounge room surrounded by the remnants of a day-long sorting out of all my beading supplies. It’s going to be very nice to be able to find what I need without having to rummage through a confetti of small plastic bags (instead I will be shuffling piles of plastic boxes) but having spent most of the day sitting in the one spot has left me with a sore back, swollen feet and nothing much to say. (Also, no jewellery made, but I’m trying not to think about that.) The week ahead promises to be fairly full-on. … Continue reading All blogged up and nothing to say

Friday Fragments

This Friday Fragments thing seemed like quite a good idea today seeing as I was rapidly running out of day and hadn’t come up with anything of substance to post. Mrs4444 has been fragmenting on a weekly basis for quite some time, in fact this week is her 70th Friday Fragments post and here I am embarking on my very first. Here goes! 1. I spoke too soon on the matter of no dead fish. When I went to kiss Tom goodnight last night I discovered one of the rummy nose tetras had expired, apparently they are quite sensitive to … Continue reading Friday Fragments


Things I have done but probably shouldn’t have: Signed up for NaBloPoMo. What was I thinking? Seriously, my posts per month haven’t broken into double figures since February. Offered to donate a prize for NaBloPoMo. I clearly have no self control. Committed to sharing a stall selling jewellery at the school Christmas markets on November 22nd – I have no stock! And no time to make any! Stayed up till 2am last night – I was falling asleep on the lounge from about 10pm, so stupid. Things I should have done but haven’t: Send in the booking form for tickets … Continue reading Lists

Things are improving – I’ll be back properly soon!

Thanks for asking after me Alix 🙂 I’m fine – much, much better than when I last posted – but still finding it difficult to focus long enough to write anything of substance. Fortunately everything kind of fell into place on Thursday last week. I got the animals out to the vets without a hitch and I caught up on the worst of my pile of stuff at work. School term ended giving me a reprieve from homework related kid-wrangling until almost the end of the month and I resigned myself to wearing the same outfit all weekend at Conference … Continue reading Things are improving – I’ll be back properly soon!

Not blogging, not sleeping, not coping

It’s 1:45 in the morning. I’m supposed to be taking the animals to be boarded for the weekend first thing tomorrow, have to leave the house at 7:30am. I’ve not made the clothes for myself that I wanted to get done for the reenactors’ conference this weekend. I’m not being very nice to my kids. And I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff to do both at work and at home. Stress = not going to bed. So fucking stupid. *kicks self* At least I’ll sleep while we’re camping, it’s much harder to stay up too late when living in … Continue reading Not blogging, not sleeping, not coping

I’ve hit the wall

For way too long I have been going to bed after 1:00 in the morning, dragging myself out of bed the next morning, being too tired to accomplish very much during the day and then sitting around in the evenings feeling pissed off with myself because I’ve wasted so much of the day yet again and being too wound up to be able to go to bed even though I’m barely keeping my eyes open at 9:30pm. At around 11:00pm I get my second wind and the next thing I know it’s 1:00am again and I’m stuck on this treadmill … Continue reading I’ve hit the wall