Tom has just come home from a friend’s birthday party. The very first thing he did as he came through the door was offer me one of the chocolates from his lolly bag.

“I want to share with everyone,” he said, as he handed out lollies to David, Dad and then went running downstairs to make sure Caitlin didn’t miss out.

He was going to keep on sharing them out evenly but Adam persuaded him to save the rest for himself and make them last. It only seems fair given that his big brother and sister are renowned for either consuming their lolly bags at top speed in the car on the way home from the party or flaunting them at their siblings with great glee and a complete absence of generosity.

Perhaps he’s just doing it to show them up.

5 thoughts on “Aawwwwww

  1. That was sweet of him 🙂 I have two siblings myself and I am the oldest and I remember saving everything until I was sure that both my brother and my sister didn’t have a scrap of candy left. And THEN I brought out MY goodie bag with great glee and enjoyed their whining big time. Heh heh. Makes me wanna torment my younger siblings all over again ;o)A great weekend to you and the rest of the family.

  2. I’ve been watching Ben scream “not fair” every time Charlie eats something from his Christmas stocking, because he has eaten his slower (mostly because I took responsibility for Charlie’s and not Ben’s). Ben’s was gone within 3 days.Each of the boys sometimes chooses to share, it’s very gratifying. Although I understand your skepticism, since I watch them fight over random toys regularly… Of course, if Tom chooses to score points and differentiate himself by being generous and lovely, you win!

  3. Yay Tom! Now if you would just be so kind as to point some of that Hershey’s my way please?Word verification: “porstion” as in a nice hefty porstion would be appreciated. Thank you.

  4. I am an ‘only child’ with an ‘only child’ of my own, until recently. Now all of these sibling stories are starting to make sense. One of my newest discoveries is sibling love. It is so fun to watch the dynamics. My little Emily (Lulu) is a self=proclaimed princess/diva. We were wondering how she would handle having to share her “thrown” with her baby brother. She showers him with love everyday and it is sooooo amazing to watch her love him so selflessly. (Granted there is a major age difference between mine and most). Either way, your short story was very heartwarming.

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