Muuum! Stop blogging!

After a slow start to the day we went off to my mum’s place for lunch where we finished off the last of her Christmas ham.

Then I fixed her table tennis table (it needed a couple of new screws on one of the hinges) and we had a frantic search of her garage looking for the net, paddles and balls. Mum, the kids and I took turns playing one-on-one, I think the longest rally of the day that wasn’t between Mum and I was 5 hits, we all spent much more time chasing after errant balls than actually playing!

Once we’d exhausted the possibilities of hitting a small plastic ball around the garage it was movie time. Unfortunately I’d forgotten the blindfold and earplugs so Tom did get to watch The Tale of Despereaux after all. I’ve only read the first few chapters of the book but even from that I have to say the movie didn’t seem to capture the feel of the book. Which isn’t to say it was awful, but although I wasn’t sitting there desperately wishing the end would come quickly (as I did with Clone Wars for example) I do think it could have been a lot better. There was a somewhat disjointed feel to it as though they couldn’t quite work out what they wanted the film to be about. I’m going to have to finish reading the book and see if I can figure out why it didn’t quite work. The kids all liked it but Caitlin’s verdict was that the book was better.

After a detour to the supermarket to pick up science supplies we headed home. I’d been thinking we’d get experimental tomorrow morning but Tom was so excited about the one he had planned that he bullied me into getting it started straight away. So at 7:30pm, instead of cooking dinner, I was stirring up a saturated solution of Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) for a crystal growing experiment.

Eventually dinner was cooked and eaten (spag bol) and now Tom and Caitlin are playing Singstar Abba, David and Adam are playing City of Heroes on-line with Uncle Gaz (Adam’s brother) and I’m thinking about making myself a hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps.

But apparently I’m required to get off the computer and do a Singstar song with Tom first!

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