Other Mother is here


I’ve been exploring the Coraline movie website, so much awesome! I particularly like the clip showing the miniature knitting (it’s in the top drawer under the mirror in Coraline’s bedroom). I’m extremely peeved that here in Australia we have to wait till MAY for the cinema release *grumbles*

I have to confess I haven’t read the book yet, but I did read an excerpt from it in the Nebula Awards Showcase anthology for 2003, the year in which Coraline won the novella category.

Oh well, at least I’ve got plenty of time to grab myself a copy of the novella and the graphic novel before I go see the movie.

4 thoughts on “Other Mother is here

  1. Oh the book is very, very, very scary. The graphic novel is scary. I am hoping the movie will be super scary too. When it finally gets here. At least we’ll have time to build up suspense.

  2. I haven’t quite decided yet if I’ll be taking my kids to see it in the theatre. The big screen makes everything so much more overwhelming. I’d be pretty confident letting them watch it on DVD though.Neil’s comments on the question of age suitability can be found on his journal.

  3. I bought a copy of the book and of the graphic novel on Tuesday. All the kids have read the graphic novel already and Tom has started on the book. Silly duffer, I thought I was buying them for me!

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