Snippets revisited

Caitlin’s a total drama queen so, yeah, she did have a bit of a difficult day but she gets over these things pretty quickly too. Thanks everyone for the kind words πŸ™‚

The hat reappeared the next day, as I knew it would, I’m well trained in the clear labeling of kids clothes. Working in the Uniform shop at the school taught me that much, at the end of each year we’d get the unclaimed stuff from Lost Property to resell through the shop – so many things with no names in them! Lost Property is a peculiar repository in which clothing that has been missing for many weeks will occasionally mysteriously reappear but which almost never holds the item you lost in the last day or so.

The fruit bread sangers were not a hit, both Cait and Tom had left half uneaten.

The reason the kids’ classes usually aren’t organised before the beginning of the year is that when student numbers at a school are borderline for getting another teacher allocated (as we always seem to be) they end up having to wait till they’re sure everyone who is going to enroll for the year has done so and that there are no kids who did enroll but aren’t going to turn up. Otherwise they might find they’ve formed classes with the expectation of having, say, 16 teachers only to have the Dept of Education say oops, sorry, you can only have 15 teachers and end up having to reshuffle all the kids into new classes a couple of weeks down the track.

As far as I know David is getting on just fine in Mr M’s class, I’m not asking too many questions at this stage πŸ˜‰ I will make an appointment some time soon to have a chat with Mr M just to give him a bit of a heads up on some of Dave’s little quirks, though I’m quite sure he’s had a very thorough briefing from Dave’s previous teachers.

The composite class thing doesn’t really worry me as far as the academic side of things goes, because of the size of the school there are a lot of composite classes and the teachers have plenty of experience in making it work. Most of the steep learning curve with letters and writing seems to happen in kindy now and they’ll have put the more competent kids from last year’s kindy class into the year 1 half of Tom’s class.

The rest of this week has been dominated by an ear infection which had me feeling pretty rotten for a couple of days (almost better now though) and the dreaded covering of books with bloody contact. I swear I used to be able to do it perfectly every time. Well, not any more! Bubbles of air, creases, crooked edges, covers cut too small so there’s not enough to fold over the edge and, my favourite, the cover ending up too tight and the corners bending up in a lovely half bowl shape. Bugger.

5 thoughts on “Snippets revisited

  1. And the contact today is nowhere near as thick as it used to be! I hate the flimsy stuff they sell now.Glad the kids are all settling in ok. We too have to go in and have the inevitable chat with the new teacher even though I know her old teacher is meeting with him next week.Glad the ear is better – nothing worse than ear infections…inner or outer!Nat

  2. Contact is the work of satan, and so are ear infections. And in this heat, awful. We are happily missing out on teacher meetings to explain foibles, because the Noodle has the same teacher this year. Blissful break.

  3. The current working theory in our school is that missing hats are snaffled by the ether for at least 3-5 days, and then they magically re-appear. Of course, the more mundane theory that they are languishing at the bottom of other kids’ bags for several days before they are discovered to be alien hats is less popular.I hope your air conditioning holds out for the weekend, sounds like it’s going to be remarkably unpleasant. Although my painfully cold ears are jealous.

  4. Hooray for the found hat. And from one Drama Queen to another, I say to Caitlin… keep it up honey… it will keep the boys dazed, confused, and on their toes!

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