What the heck…

Alix asks have you got the cajones?

Post a picture of yourself right now. As you are right now. As you read this. No running to get dressed or put on make up or fix your hair or whatever. Just YOU!

Anyone brave enough to play along? Ready… Set… CLICK!.

Apparently the answer is yes, yes I do. And here I am at 1:00am, slightly bleary-eyed but otherwise pretty much as you’d see me on any average sort of day. I didn’t even need move from my spot on the lounge to do this, thanks to the webcam in my laptop.

Right, your turn now….

10 thoughts on “What the heck…

  1. Mim! You’re totally gorgeous! Why not use that as your profile photo? I love it.Thanks for playing along. You’re one of the only ones who did. What’s up with people?Love you. Love your pic.

  2. See other people think you are gorgeous, I’m not crazy 🙂 You look tired, tired and cute, but mostly tired.

  3. Hey, Mim, so, you still are keeping early bird hours! Nice photo! I don’t even think you look that tired, but then I haven’t seen you in your day-to-day life.I’ve just taken one of myself with iPhoto, but can’t find where the photos are stored to upload it. Certainly not with all my regular photos! I’ll see if I can manage. (I cheated, because I’ve used special effects on mine — line pencil.)

  4. Hey, great photo. I know that eerie light thrown off by the keyboard late at night very well. And I have to tell you, I just love the banner photo of the grevillia….your garden?

  5. Personally I thought it was a surprisingly good photo considering the webcam and 1 o’clock in the morning thing. I actually quite like how I look which is partly why I don’t bother with make-up – I can count on one hand the number of times I used it in the last year.

  6. Wow! I wish I looked that good on webcam at 1 a.m. I won’t be posting, because of the anonymity thing — yeah, right, the anonymity thing. 😉

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