Sorry, it’s just a meme

The trick with this one is to type your first name followed by “needs” into Google and then list the first 10 results that pop up. I seem to have run into a bit of a problem with other Miriams having already done the meme so I’m exercising some editorial discretion and picking out the better ones. Here we go:

Miriam needs…

  1. Miriam needs a Productivity Buddy to help her stay on track – What an excellent idea!
  2. Miriam needs our support – yes, I need you all. Right NOW! Be supportive!
  3. Miriam…needs some help debugging her online shop – well, if there was anything in my online shop then maybe…
  4. Miriam needs a loan of 2000 soles that will be invested in the purchase of rice, noodles, milk and oil – she got it too, via Kiva and she’s paid it all back, wonder how things are going for her now?
  5. MIRIAM NEEDS MORE TIME TO MOVE ON MANILA – um, I’m invading Manila now?
  6. Miriam needs to keep up with her staff – HA! Staff? I wish.
  7. Miriam needs funds to support her in school – I hope she got them
  8. MIRIAM NEEDS A FRIGGEN HAIRCUT – this is, in point of fact, true. My hair is currently driving me batty.
  9. Miriam needs a loan of $650 to buy materials like fabric, thread, bows, buttons, elastics – another Kiva loan, I’m thinking it might be time to add to my Kiva lending.
  10. Miriam needs one to hide her shame – one what you ask? A veil apparently, just like the one Moses needs to hide his glory. Pfft.

5 thoughts on “Sorry, it’s just a meme

  1. Hi Mim! Long time no see. Your meme is cool and I'm curious to try it and see what I come up with. How you doin' girl? LOVE your new photo… been meaning to tell you.

  2. I've done this one b4. It was quite fun.Methinks, Sophie needs to look into Kiva lending.

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