Tom the weaver

Last year at the Abbey festival Tom had a go at back-strap weaving and thought it was the best thing ever.

At Abbey last year.

Tom the weaver

Being skeptical types Adam and I refused to fork out $65 for a weaving kit for a 6 year old.

A year later, when we said we were heading up to Brisbane for this year’s Abbey Medieval Festival, Tom’s immediate response was “Good! I can get my back-strap weaving kit!”

We figured that if he was still wanting to do it after waiting a whole year he must be serious. So one of our first stops at the festival this year was the back-strap weaving tent where Tom bought a kit and arranged for a 10:30am beginner’s lesson the next morning.

Tom’s new kit set up and ready to go.

Back-strap weaving

Ha! He’s wearing the same t-shirt. No wonder the weaving lady remembered him from last year.

Just getting started.

Just getting started

Last but not least, some video of the action – He’s a weaving natural!

Not a bad effort from a small boy with a lurgi who spent the rest of that day fast asleep lying on a sheepskin while his dad went around to every crafting display picking people’s brains.

The piece Tom started at the festival is slowly growing, next time he’s working on it I’ll take a pic and share the progress.

9 thoughts on “Tom the weaver

  1. Oh Mim! How adorable is that! Seriously, thank you so much for sharing – and video taping – that weaving marvel. Ya know.. you don't see too many boys with a passion for the lost arts. Tom is such a darling example of what can happen when Nintendos are absent from the landscape. Rock on Tom!

  2. Fantastic, Tom! I was just taking a break from a painting that I'm working on. I was feeling very discouraged. I came across this video and I'm fired up again. Thank you, Tom and Mim!

  3. This video is so cute. I love Tom's comment about how desperate he was to get into it and how 'listening to instructions makes you a natural'. (At least I think that's what he said!)Wise observations from a small boy! Well done, Tom! 🙂

  4. Very cool. I was wondering where the strange disco tune was coming from, but it turned out Ben had left himself logged into Club Penguin in another window. :)Maybe Ben & Tom can get together can compare the relative merits of woven and knitted fabrics.Oh, and kudos to Tom for effortlessly including Ben on Sunday, that was most appreciated.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Tom spotted me blogging last night and ended up reading the post and all the comments, I think it's done his ego no end of good to have you all saying such nice things about him :-)When he watched the video of himself he turned to me in surprise and said "Does my voice really sound like that?"

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