Link-fest No. 11 is publishing Cory Doctorow’s next novel in serial form.

A Friday Fluff piece by Fillyjonk on Shapely Prose had everyone answering the question “What does your soul look like?” I think mine is an old, well loved, leather bound book with gilt-edged pages and the sort of story that you re-read often – comfort food for the brain.

Pavlov’s Cat is asking for people to share their first memories of reading over at Still Life With Cat.

I cannot for the life of me come up with any clear memory of reading prior to The Hobbit when I was in 2nd grade. Obviously I was reading before then, quite voraciously by all accounts, and I know intellectually that I’d read certain books (many, many books in fact) before I read the Hobbit, I just don’t remember the experience. Or where I do remember reading books I know I had read earlier, it’s subsequent re-reads that recall.

I certainly don’t remember learning to read even though I wasn’t a particularly early reader. Mum tells me she had decided not to actively teach me before I went to school but I gather I picked it up pretty darn quickly once I started school. There are books I have loved reading to my kids because they were favourites from my childhood but which my mother had never read, apparently because once I could read I preferred to read to myself.

I have very few clear memories of early childhood in general though so it doesn’t really surprise me that this is the case.

Via Tigtog at Hoyden About Town, check out this fabulous wedding vid.

And last but not least, Ariane has been on a blogging roll lately, check out her posts on a review of Sydney Park, the presence of fathers at births and Charlie’s Hat.

4 thoughts on “Link-fest No. 11

  1. The soul game is fun. I think my soul is a 3 course meal for 20, with only 6 guests.Crash's is, without a doubt, a knight in shining armour and a silly hat.Ben's soul is an invigilator.Charlie's soul is a ball of orange fire.Elissa's soul is clearly still very much under construction, but right now it is a Mogwai, who is occasionally fed after midnight.Thanks for the linkiness, too. 🙂

  2. I've always been reading a lot since my sister taught me to read, because she didn't want to play "mums and dads" with me anymore…My soul must be like a rainbow, elusive and colourful, with a bit of a storm cloud at the edge…

  3. I also remember reading, reading and reading when I was a kid. I remember clearly reading a picture book about a boy, a girl and a turtle, and for many years I have thought that this was the first book I actually read, the first book where I sort of intellectually realized that I CAN READ ;o) After that I soon switched to the more complicated books like "5" (this is what the series was called in Denmark, don't know what the english titles were) and Danish books in the same genre. I devoured books, read almost everything from the school library and the town library's kid and YA shelves and I've just read ever since ;o)

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