Seriously though, why NaBloPoMo?

I made reference in my first post this month to the fact that I’ve been blogging very little of late (ok, most of the year) and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that not blogging and not posting comments usually means I’m not traveling too well. I did think twice about signing up for my third bash at daily posting for a month. Would it be too much pressure? Could I come up with something to say each day? What if, instead of inspiring me, the commitment ended up being another source of stress in my life?

Reality check: No one other than me is going to give a rat’s arse whether I manage it or not – get a grip woman, if you’re not having fun, stop!

So, why am doing NaBloPoMo again? Because it’s fun and challenging, because it nurtures new connections out there in the blogosphere and each time I do it I find new friends, or they find me, because I value the blogging community and want to participate in something that helps build that community and because it feels damn good to set an achievable goal and reach it. And I could do with that feeling around a bit more often.

There’s a great tool for finding some of those new friends – go have a play with the NaBloPoMo Randomizer which will take you wandering though randomly selected blogs from the blogroll of NaBloPoMo participants. Drop in on anyone who catches your eye and leave a comment, there’s nothing like lots of comments to stoke the blogging fires. I’m adding my randomizer finds to a NaBloPoMo folder in Google Reader so I can come back and see how they’re going each day.

If you’re doing NaBloPoMo this year and you want to show some appreciation for the lovely Eden of Fussy who organises the event, visit the NaBloPoMo site and drop a coin or two in the tip jar (the donate link is in the right-hand sidebar).

5 thoughts on “Seriously though, why NaBloPoMo?

  1. This is a good post Mim. I'm hoping it is achievable because generally speaking I do not manage to post daily, so I am liking the challenge.

  2. I'll go do that very soon – excellent points. And if all else fails you can always turn some tweets into posts. πŸ™‚

  3. When I first read the "why NaBloPoMo" I thought you were thinking of throwing in the towel and I was a little sad so. Your readers do care if you don't do it because we all love reading your blog. No pressure…=0P

  4. I thought about NaNoBloMo or whatever it was, but I have hardly posted on LJ this year, and couldn't see myself pulling it off. Good for you though. πŸ™‚

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