Featuring Jack in all his glorious fuzziness.

I was photographing jewellery in the last of the afternoon sun when along came a great big ball of fuzz in search of a sunny spot.

He plonked himself down right on top of my necklace

Ahhh, this is a nice sunny spot!

and stretched out to snooze.


“Excuse me!” said I, but he would not deign to acknowledge me.

Ho hum, nothing to see here

Except to deliver a withering glare and show off his whiskers.

Will you stop pointing that thing at me

A rustle in the garden – what was that?!

What was that?!

Nothing there – flop!


See what I mean about the whiskers?

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for the pictures of pretty rocks – gotta pace myself with the posting you know!

6 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. He plonked himself down right on top of my necklaceOf course. There was no other available space, anywhere. He had no choice.

  2. That is what I love about cats – their plonking down on the exact spot where you are in the middle of something 🙂

  3. Yep – plonking must be done right under your nose, especially if you're working/reading/crafting. What's even better is to not-quite-finish-the-butt-cleaning and point the slightly stinky bit in the direction of owner's nose….

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