One Lovely Blog award

Way back in August Trish was kind enough to give me the “One Lovely Blog Award.” Thank you so much Trish, it’s always wonderful to hear people enjoy visiting my little corner of the net!

Apparently I get to share this one with 15 of my favourite blogs, so here goes:



13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog award

  1. Mim! You're adorable!Thank you so much for bestowing this lovely award on Casa Hice. I love it! And the best part is… I can pass it along without having to write anything embarrassing about myself. God knows I do enough of that without an award {wink}.

  2. Why thank you! But 15? And in respect of that bubble we've been discussing? That will be a challenge…On the other hand, there were a number on your list that didn't show as previously followed links, so that is a Good Thing. (Cos you know, following your normal blog list would be self indulgent and a waste of time…)

  3. Thank you! I'm very fond of your blog too… the lovely mix on the mundane and the interesting and the quixotic and the thoughtful and the family.

  4. It means an awful lot to be mentioned by someone like you–who is such a thoughtful and warm participant in all the blogging/tweeting relationships you have. Thank you so much.(I need to actually post something someday again to feel in any way deserving of being on your list–although there's a "neighbor who passed out offensive religious pamphlets to my kids on Halloween" post begging to be written. If I can figure out my blog password, I just may do that…Thanks again.

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