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Whenever I come to write a Friday Fragments post I am reminded that it would be a very good idea to have a draft open all week and pop all the little bits and pieces of the week straight in there to be ready for sharing with the world at the end of the week. And then I remember that all those little bits and pieces are being loosed into the intertubes as they happen in the form of my tweets. But tweets are so ephemeral, they appear in people’s twitter feeds, scroll down the page and are gone. So I feel totally justified in reproducing the content of them here – with bonus elaboration of course!

Things that made me tweet this week:

1. Adam found this in the garage

What's left after a hunstman moults

It’s the exoskeleton of a huntsman spider – it’s what is left behind when one moults in order to get bigger. I prefer not to think about the gap under the door between the garage and the hall outside our bedroom.


2. Stripey socks. There was talk on my twitter feed of stripey socks and the need for shoes and clothing that would adequately show off the wonderousness of stripey socks. Or indeed any other kind of socks of awesomeness. And then someone mentioned Fluevog shoes and before I know it I’m coveting a pair of these.

And I don’t do shoes, especially ones with heels. But I might have to now.


3. On Monday morning I was at a cafe in Galleries Victoria drinking coffee when a choir appeared on the mezzanine level and started singing. I duly videoed their performance and afterwards went up to the conductor, said nice things about the singing and asked if he was ok with me putting the video on youtube and what the name of the choir was. Turned out they were a choir from St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie. When I’d made a note of that and written down someone’s email to send a link to, the announcement of “You’re going to be on youtube” was greeted by cheering šŸ™‚ And so they are.


4. I then met up with the completely awesome Emma who arrived from New Zealand on Monday morning and the rest of my tweets for the day went like this:

  • OMG I’m melting! Have been walking round city. Stopping for lunch now.
    We had caught the monorail to the Entertainment Centre carpark, a taxi to Em’s hotel, then walked back to the monorail station, caught the monorail to Pitt St Mall and walked down the mall.
  • I’ve just sat down in a cafe in Strand Arcade and a bloke walked past singing. This is getting weird. Lunch was a scrumptious BLT with an enormous amount of bacon and a Bundaberg ginger beer. Yum.
  • Sitting on Manly warf waiting for ferry after having icecream & paddling in ocean. There’s a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream place at Manly now, and they have free internets! So we clearly had to go there. Then we took off our shoes and socks and paddled! See, proof:
    Emma at Manly

  • Beer! We took a taxi to Chinatown and eventually ended up in a blissfully air-conditioned pub while we waited for Adam to arrive with the kids so we could…
  • Finished the day with dinner at the Marigold in Chinatown. I am knackered but it was totally worth it – fabulous day with the lovely Emma šŸ™‚


5. I may have ranted slightly about P&C stuff, but that stuff gets no elaboration. I also may have mentioned all the work I was doing on the P&C blog because it’s horribly lonely on a blog with no visitors. Happily the school community is slowly discovering it and lots of people have said nice things to me about it. When they look slightly awed by the hours I’ve spent on it I tell them it’s partly about me teaching myself WordPress blogging stuff and other things and that I’m quite happy to donate my time in that way because I’m getting something out of it too.

And there were way too many uses of the word “it” in that paragraph. But I can’t be bothered rephrasing.


6. Wednesday afternoon was shaping up to be a bit of a logistical nightmare but my mother was awesome again: “My mother turned up to play kid-taxi driver thus turning my extremely stressful afternoon into a perfectly manageable one. I luffs her.”


7. By Thursday night I was a little worse for wear: “I’m too shattered to even muster an arrrgh! of frustration tonight. All I’ve got is a whimper. *whimpers*” I am seriously looking forward to this time next month, when I will no longer be the P&C President and ThingsTM will become Somebody Else’s Problem. It’s been satisfying and I feel pretty good about what I’ve done over the last 2 years but I’ve also had enough and it’s time to move on.


8. Adam has been brewing, we have homemade ginger beer in the fridge and there is a bottle of mead brewing in my lounge room.

Brewing mead

This is the first time he’s done mead, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out!

And there you have it, my week in tweets. Apologies to those who’d been along for the ride the first time ’round, if you’ve read this far!

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18 thoughts on “Friday fragments

  1. Ick. Any trace of that spider and I'd be out of there!Those are really cute shoes! I'm not a big shoe person either but I can appreciate them.

  2. I don't usually mind spiders, especially when they are on the bottom of my shoe, but that?! would scare the beejebies outta me. No thank you! I hope your new housemate has headed out to the great wilderness as opposed to inside the house! YIKES!Have a great weekend!

  3. Mim, I've been terrified by other spider pics you'e posted… and this one is no exception and it isn't even an actual spider- just a leftover bit of the spider. ACK!Cool presentation by the choir- it's like a singin flash mob. Ha!

  4. I'm still trying to get beyond the spider – I'm not so great with them.Shoes, on the other hand, well, it's hard to say enough about how awesome those thingees are.Will check out the other blog you're working on.Liked the You TUbe video – thanks. Great choir.Have a great weekend, Mim!Ruth

  5. I want some red shoes too. Red shoes are very cool. Just wear a normal outfit… and some red shoes. They pop! A good investment.Making your own beer (or wine) is ALWAYS a good idea!That spider would totally creep me out!

  6. I've been thinking about you the past couple of weeks, and every time i sit down to the computer it takes all night to try and get something thru, everything drops when it's loading, it's driving me crazy. but now you've made me totally homesick, with huntsmen, manly, & gingerbear! even the sweat sounds good….we're freezing to the bone!

  7. Those shoes have reactivated a shoe-love that has been dormant for the better part of ten years. Ginger beer, mmmmmmmm.

  8. Now that spider is an interesting speciman!Will check out the P & C blog.BTW- send some of that beer this way!

  9. That spider has given me the shivers… agh, yuck!DH is always bugging me to let him make some home brew. I'm glad he's not blog-reading over my shoulder (as he's apt to do), because he'd be mentioning it once again!~ElizabethConfessions From A Working Mom

  10. AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!I'm sure there was more in this post other than the spider, but (shudder) the sight of that thing has driven everything else out of my head.

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