9 thoughts on “Necklaces added to my shop

  1. Yes, by all means! What did you have in mind? Whether I can do it will depend on what beads I have on hand, at the moment I'm pretty sure I've got stocks of most of the stones I've used in past pieces.

  2. Those are very beautiful! I am not very crafty – I get ideas, but then when I try to carry them out it never goes well LOL. You are VERY talented…!

  3. PS: I'm serious about the Rhyodite and Tiger Jasper set. $39 {US?} dollars is a steal. How much for shipping to Florida?

  4. @Alix Aussie dollars, but there's not all that much difference at the moment, we're at 93 US cents to the AUSD. The matching earrings are $10. Postage to the US would, I think, be around $10.

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