To my Mum on Mother’s Day

While I’m on canteen duty at my son’s high school on Thursday one of the teachers comes in and hangs around for a while talking about some of the stuff going on at the school. As tends to happen I ended up mentioning that I was an ex-student and that my mum had taught there.

“Oh! I know Barbara! When she left it was like this lovely warm gentle presence had left the school, she’s wonderful!” I’ve had pretty much the same reaction from every teacher I’ve met at the school, and I love hearing it every single time. I grin with proprietry pride and agree, yep, that’s my Mum.

I have lost count of the number of people who have told me how great they think Mum is, my friends, her workmates, my neighbours, her neighbours, my gardeners (they do her place to). I’m never surprised to hear it and I always agree wholeheartedly because they’re all absolutely right!

Mum, you’re always there when you’re needed (for far too many people!) and I appreciate so much everything you do for us – your many hours of help with the kids, especially with their homework, your support for me when things get a bit rough, the holidays we’ve had together, the meals we’ve shared, the conversations we (not often enough!) have. I love so much that we can be completely honest and open with each other, that I never feel judged by you.

I admire your drive and energy, you make me feel exhausted just thinking about the things you do. There’s no way I could have driven to Katoomba, climbed down the 800 steps of the Giant Stairway and walked round to the Scenic Railway, driven home again and then put on a beautiful baked leg of lamb and red wine poached pears dinner the way you did for us yesterday. One or the other in one day for me – not both!

Mum, thank you for being you, thank you for being a fabulous mum, a wonderful grandma and an all round amazing person.

I love you. Lots.

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