Fragments from a fractured week

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I’ve had better weeks than this one just gone, but I’ve had worse too. I’m writing this sitting in my sun drenched lounge room looking out at blue sky and listening to birds in the garden and thinking life’s not so bad really. It helps that I’ve just unloaded all the brain clutter from the week here for your entertainment. Or not. Whatever πŸ™‚


On Wednesday morning I was woken early by Jack as he sneaked up on to the end of our bed and stealthily crept right up my leg, over my hip and settled on my ribcage. Pretty much a complete failure of covert operations I have to say – there’s a lot of cat there and the paw pressure is quite significant. The dog wasn’t fooled either and she has a policy that states that if Mummy is cuddling someone else then there must be simultaneous Clara cuddles. So I end up with a husband on one side, a dog on the other and a cat on the top. Cosy. Then Clara snuggled a little closer and stuck her nose right up against Jack’s. I held my breath for the inevitable claw-swipe…and Jack reached forward and began grooming Clara’s forehead. We’ve come a long way from the mutual loathing and murderous impulses of their initial relationship.


I wrote a fairly long paragraph here about a stressful afternoon with one of my kids but then decided there’s really no need to record the details for posterity. Suffice to say that I spent Wednesday afternoon and evening going through a very familiar cycle that involves a lot of raised voices, at least half a box of tissues, lots of challenging conversation and very little school work getting done for the time involved.


Thursday started with an alarm that didn’t go off and us therefore waking up about 30 minutes before Adam and David were supposed to be heading off to work and school respectively and an hour before Caitlin was due at school (for an extra before school thing). I therefore didn’t shower before driving Caitlin and Tom to school, arriving 6 minutes late. Adam and Dave left about 15 minutes late. I came home, got myself sorted out and headed over to the high school 30 minutes late for canteen duty, only to find that I wasn’t even rostered on this week – I’m on next week. Brilliant. I stayed anyway because they were short-handed and now won’t have to go next week, so that’s something I guess!


I do this thing when I have paid work to do at home where I just can’t seem to get stuck into it unless either the house is empty or everyone in it is asleep. I had work to do on Thursday that needed to be finished by Friday morning and, because I wasn’t home while the kids were at school, I didn’t end up starting it until midnight. I sent the critical email off at 4am and went to bed cursing myself for being an idiot. Adam very kindly left me in bed when the alarm went off and got the kids off to school and I spent a lovely relaxing morning pretending I had no responsibilities. I hope that doesn’t mean I forfeit a similar experience on Sunday.


My very lovely husband has purchased tickets for us to go and see Bill Bailey perform at the State Theatre on July 23rd, can’t wait!


That’s all from me folks! Now, head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time for more Friday Fragments!

11 thoughts on “Fragments from a fractured week

  1. It's been a rough week around here, too. Raised voices and lots of tears. I am quite ready to welcome a new week πŸ™‚

  2. Ugh, I hate mornings like your Thursday! I've gotten so paranoid about the alarm not being set that I often wake up in the middle of the night and re-check it.Hope you still get that relaxing Sunday!

  3. So nice to hear I'm not alone in the "Breathholding Spells" battles! Not that i would wish it on anyone, but it's nice to know not alone on this boat. ;)Am "late" regularly. Can't quite figure out if it's having 3 kids 6 and under and things just seem to "happen" (FREQUENTLY). Or if it's that I'm just "late". Friends at church have coined a term after us that means very late. They've based it off of our last name! It's catching on a little quicker than I like!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and no, I hadn't heard about the guy with a million followers. I try to get to know my followers as much as possible, so that would drive me crazy! LOLSorry, you had a hectic day, Thursday. Hope your weekend is much bette~Cheryl

  5. You may have been running late for most things on Thursday, but you were running early for canteen duty!

  6. Your sleep sounds like mine except it's two dogs in my bed, and one very large dog who wants to be in the bed but I draw the line!

  7. Thanks for popping in! How lovely to be able to sleep in and have a relaxing morning. I'm getting a vicarious thrill…Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. No idea who Bill Bailey is, but judging from his website, he seems like a fun guy :)The cuddling fragment was sweet. I like cuddling with cats, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle being crowded in my bed.I hope this week runs more smoothly πŸ™‚ Happy Mothers Day!

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