Winterfest 2010

We’ve been time traveling again. We even packed our kit in our TARDIS to get there (I mean, I knew we were buying a big car when we got the VW van, but ye gods, the amount of stuff we can fit in there is incredible! It really is bigger on the inside).

Our weekend was spent at the Winterfest Medieval Fair at Parramatta Park being part of the living history display.

I wove bits of wool and melted bits of glass and watched jousting. Adam did some wood turning on the pole lathe and helped one of our new group members get started on making a pair of shoes. We had a scrumptious lamb stew for Saturday night dinner cooked by Adam and Jess over the camp fire. The kids beat each other up with our collection of rubber weapons and did a little bit of wood carving and pottery.

The very lovely Deb (aka Oonagh), from Canberra, was brave enough to come and stay at our place on Friday and Saturday night (we didn’t camp over, it was easier to come home and besides, the cats like it better if they get fed) and she brought me the new linen underdresses she has made for me because she is awesome and actually likes to sew. Unlike myself, who, although I’m assured I am awesome in several ways and incidentally can sew, hates doing it and therefore doesn’t.

It was lots of fun.

And I failed to take even one single photo.

ETA: But luckily other people did.

Around the cooking fire. Photo credit: Deborah Lane (oonaghsown)

Saturday night dinner. Photo credit: Deborah Lane (oonaghsown)

Making glass beads. Photo credit: Deborah Lane (oonaghsown)

Deb and I hard at work sitting at the craft display. Photo credit: Deborah Lane (oonaghsown)

Other Winterfest pictures around the net:

“Winterfest 2010” by Avaery on Flickr

“Winterfest 2010” by Stephen Finlay on Flickr

And a couple of videos too:

15 thoughts on “Winterfest 2010

  1. You know, sometimes not bringing the camera with me is freeing. It allows me to just enjoy without feeling pressured to get all the right shots. It's so funny that you're writing about Winterfest and it's going to be 90 degrees here today. Gotta love the WWW!

  2. Happy Winterfest! Sounds like a great thing. As you know, we've just had Summer Solstice here, but I didn't get to celebrate because I am forever swamped with work. But vacation in a week and a half….!

  3. Sounds like you were having too much fun to waste time documenting it. Would like to see pictures of new underdresses though. I really enjoy other people's sewing :

  4. sounds fun! I would totally sew stuff for you in exchange for some of your other creative things πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Mim,It was an absolute pleasure to stay with you and yours :)I felt so privileged to be seated in front of your tent with the display. To have photos that have no obvious signs of the current age in them is rare. you are welcome to use the photos from my facebook or flickr account ( ) I didn't get many, but there are some nice ones and some angles that you wouldn't normally get.Thanks for helping make my time up there even better.

  6. I had my camera with me the whole time I just never thought to pull it out. However, lots of people did take photos so I will shamelessly pinch a few (thanks Deb!) to add to the post. *goes to edit*

  7. I have to say that as someone in the Northern Hemisphere, having you talk about winter in the middle of July always makes me smile. It looks like a wonderful time! πŸ™‚

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