Well, hello there poss!

This evening when I came home, after dropping Tom at his drama class and then dashing up to the shops to grab some groceries, I pulled into the driveway and in the process transfixed in my headlights a dumpy little ball of fluff that was about to venture up and over our roof. It was no doubt heading for the back deck in the hope that the birds had been fed today and that there might be some leftover apple cores to clean up. Apparently the thought of braving that vast expanse of tile while being watched was too much for it and it headed back into the branches of the tree that overhangs our front deck instead.

It then stayed perched above the front door while I brought in the groceries, took a series of blurry dark photos with my phone – flash going off in its eyes all the while, rummaged around looking for Tom’s camera, turned lights on and off, and eventually came back to subject the poor creature to even more blinding flashes in order to get these photos.

Ringtail possum

Ringtail possum

Let’s see if we can get a bit closer

Ringtail possum

Must you keep pointing that thing at me?!

Ringtail possum

Maybe if I sit verrry still she’ll go away…

Ringtail possum

I should probably go and put some apple out by way of apology.

9 thoughts on “Well, hello there poss!

  1. Ah yes, all things in their place! Mind you, there's plenty of Aussies that aren't too fond of possums either what with their habit of getting into your roof and doing unspeakable things there. Like dying and decomposing πŸ˜›

  2. Yeah, it's all sweetness and light until you call the police at 3am because someone's trying to break into your house! Oh, wait, that was me. πŸ™‚

  3. lol Ariane. I was thinking about that while reading this post. You weren't the only one to do that though, from memory.

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