Less talk, more action

Today we began the first step in the process of getting our house under control and ready for renovations and, hopefully, extensions. We’re starting by moving the communal study (3 computer desks) from its current home in one of the upstairs bedrooms to the room downstairs that has until now been Adam’s study.

Adam’s study is also the wine cellar and had been used as a storage space for some of our various hobbies as well. There was one point a while back when simply getting in through the door had become quite a challenge. Adam had already cleared a lot of stuff out and had got it back to the point where he could get to the desk and use it, but there was still a hell of a lot still to be dealt with. I should have taken before photos so you could get an idea of what this after photo really means but I think my blogging instincts are a bit rusty and it didn’t occur to me until I was about to go get the vacuum cleaner.

The view from the door into the downstairs study.
Good lord, we found the carpet!

We have 2 computer desks that will be sitting along the wall to the left, once we work out how to get the buggers down the stairs. They’ll replace the enormous corner desk that used to be there and which is now stacked in pieces in the garage. It looks like we’ll have to take the desks down the driveway and in through the garage. Which means we need to clear a path through the garage first. It’s like dominoes, you can’t start shifting stuff around in one place without every other part of the house having to give to make room.

Do you like the awesome carpeting job that was done in this room? That’s how it was when we moved in 9 years ago, there’s quite a few little treasures like that in this house, all things we decided not to worry about when we moved in because we were going to renovate and extend as soon as possible…

The view from the empty corner
Wine and model aeroplane storage

Those racks are full of wine that desperately needs drinking, we keep going on wine tasting trips, finding wines we love and buying them at a rate something like 3 times the rate at which we, on our own, drink the stuff. We’ve been avoiding buying any more for a while now and are almost at a point where another wine region holiday would not be completely ludicrous.

I mean, look! That rack in this next photo is practically empty!

One corner still to be done.
We've yet to get to this corner

But it can wait, Adam swears he’ll get it all organised eventually. The missing door on the cupboard in the corner? Was missing when we moved in. Plus there’s a chest of drawers in the cupboard that is jammed in so tight that the previous owners obviously couldn’t get it out, and neither can we.

The third desk will sit beside the bookshelf on that blank bit of wall to the right. On both sides of the room there’ll barely be enough room to get at the bottles in the wine racks beside the desks which will be irritating, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

So there you have it, actual concrete progress along the path from chaos to order. My intention is to blog every day with something that moves us further along that path. I’ll still blog other things too, so some days it might be as little as a quick hit with the results of a 15 minute decluttering, other days it will be on a grander scale. By the end of September* I hope I’ll have shown you the downstairs study all set up, Caitlin’s new bedroom in the upstairs study, the gym moved into Caitlin’s current bedroom (and us using it regularly!) and the current gym space transformed into my own little oasis of sofa bed, TV, laptop and reading lamp just outside Adam’s and my bedroom. I’ll remember to take before photos for the rest of it too.

*Subject to painting, re-carpeting and installation of a new built-in wardrobe happening in a timely manner.

6 thoughts on “Less talk, more action

  1. Great stuff Mim! Another thing to maybe think about is having a garage sale one weekend. Or if there's stuff you want to get rid of that's still good but don't really care about getting money for it, maybe pop it up on Freecycle.Definitely do not go on any more wine trips for a while! That cellar is full enough already šŸ˜€

  2. I think you need reciprocal arrangement whereby you can only buy wine to replace the ones that are drunk! ;P hee hee.Good luck with the declutter/reorganisation/renovation! I second the idea of a garage sale or freecycle. Besides, it might get you some pocket money for more wine….

  3. We'll be freecycling Caitlin's loft bed and possibly some other furniture at some point and there's quite a few boxes of toys and books that are destined for the secondhand stall at the school fete. Mostly we're just moving things around though.

  4. I want to come and steal your wine. Really. If only it wouldn't cost me a bazillion dollars to do so… šŸ™‚

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