Less talk, more action

Today we began the first step in the process of getting our house under control and ready for renovations and, hopefully, extensions. We’re starting by moving the communal study (3 computer desks) from its current home in one of the upstairs bedrooms to the room downstairs that has until now been Adam’s study. Adam’s study is also the wine cellar and had been used as a storage space for some of our various hobbies as well. There was one point a while back when simply getting in through the door had become quite a challenge. Adam had already cleared a … Continue reading Less talk, more action

Extensions and renovations or “I can dream can’t I?”

I’ve spent a large chunk of today sitting hunched over pieces of paper, drawing, erasing, leaping up to measure walls and furniture, drawing some more, looking up dimensions of various household goods on the internet, erasing again… I think I get it from my mum, I have vivid memories of her doing the same thing (only without the internet research) trying to work out whether it was possible to add another room to the back of the house so the piano could be moved out of the front hall, or if putting a long skinny lap pool in the back … Continue reading Extensions and renovations or “I can dream can’t I?”