The front hall

Tonight’s effort focused on clearing up the prime dumping ground of the house. I must confess I haven’t completely finished dealing with it yet as some of the detritus ended up on the kitchen table to be sorted through later and put away elsewhere. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Shelves in the front hall
Sideboard in front hall
Shelves without junk pile in front
It won't last.

No wonder it ends up like it does. You walk in through the front door and there’s all that empty flat space and you think “surely it can’t hurt to put this stuff down there just for the moment?” and then before you know it you’re piling things up into precarious mountains and can no longer find your keys or wallet even though you only put them down just 5 minutes ago.

Adam is making me tea, time for bed!

5 thoughts on “The front hall

  1. Amen to your comment about piling things wherever there's a flat space…thinking that you'll move it in a second but then never do!You are a blogging machine these days…as well as an organizational queen. I really need your help on my house next. In fact, at this very moment I am procrastinating the start of my next big project! Any chance you're coming to Canada in the near future, to give me a hand? Perhaps you could help me clear out the guest room first…so that you have a place to sleep!Take care Mim!Ruth

  2. I love before and after organizational pics! You did a great job. I recently moved to a new house and we no longer have a great big catch all area in the new place. It's done wonders! Great job!

  3. It feels so good to have a newly clean area of the house. I am good at the mucking up, but not so good at the cleaning.

  4. we all have those spaces. As soon as you enter my house you are on the sunporch/craftroom ~ and everything gets dropped there.

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