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After our busy furniture rearranging day yesterday we took it easy this morning and ended up having breakfast at about 11am. Dave and I went and did the grocery shopping while Adam, Tom and Caitlin baked choc chip cookies and brownies. Then after lunch (which we ate at 3:30pm) we put the Anglo Saxon style leg of lamb in the oven to slow cook and headed over to my Mum’s place for a walk.

My Aunty Liz and Uncle Rob and my Dad had been at Mum’s for lunch so altogether there were 10 of us (if you count the dog) wandering the neighbourhood.

Late afternoon sun
Clara was keen to get moving, my arm is a good inch longer than before we went I’m sure.
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Me getting left behind because I keep stopping to take photos
I seem to be getting left behind
Wattle in bloom
Wattle in bloom

Adam taking a photo of me taking a photo of him…
Adam taking a photo of me taking a photo
I gave him the good camera, and nearly all the shots I’m using have come from my phone.
Oh look, there’s me!
The woman behind the camera

Here’s what we’d come off-road to see. It’s the pig face tree. One of my kids named it that years ago, I think it was David.

David, Clara, Mum and Aunty Liz
Checking out the "pig face tree"
Can you see how the tree got its name? There’s a very definite snout shape under that lower branch.
David and a Clara blur
David and a blurry Clara
Clearly a pig.
The view from the pig face tree rock – Elouera Bushland Reserve
Elouera Bushland Reserve

There’s been a few bushfires through here over the years, my Mum was talking this afternoon about being involved with a community fire group – apparently you need to either have a swimming pool yourself to do so, or a neighbour with a pool, that can be used as a water source if/when the mains pressure drops off during a bushfire. I gather the next door neighbour is being co-opted into that role.

Burnt tree trunk in the afternoon light.
Burnt tree trunk in the afternoon light
Caitlin and Clara.
Caitlin and Clara
Walking along Duneba Drive.
Walking along Duneba Drive
Mum and Liz.
My Mum and her twin sister Liz

Wearing matching jackets and earrings (though you can’t really see Liz’s earrings). I guess it’s a twin thing.

The kids and dog beat us back to Mum’s by long enough for Dave to be engrossed in his game by the time we caught up.

The house I grew up in.
The house I grew up in
The bedroom I grew up in.
My bedroom at my Mum's place

With the bed I slept in. And the doona cover I slept under. Almost 19 years later and nothing has changed! The bed is now used by grandchildren sleeping over. When David was little and we were first leaving him with my Mum for the night he was quite taken with sleeping in my bed.

For more fabulous Sundays in my City posts head on over to Unknown Mami’s place see what everyone else has on show.

P.S. No decluttering pics today, I gave myself the day off.

15 thoughts on “Sundays in my City

  1. I've been enjoying your decluttering posts, but I love the change of pace in this one. I felt as though I was on that walk with you.

  2. Thanks for the Tour ~ The walk was fun and refreshing. What a fun family outing! I love the pig face tree. I can't imagine seeing cookatoo's flying in the wild. Have a great week

  3. What a beautiful way to spend time with your family. And I'm really loving that pig face tree. Thanks for sharing Sunday in your city!

  4. oh nostalgia. I miss walking in the aussie bush. i really don't like the vegetation here..even though it's beautiful. it must be nice to have family nearby. thanks for the flickr idea…i forgot i could do that…now i need a flickr acct…they changed that too…you used to be able to upload unlimited 20mb per month…but now it's 200 photos period. i actually wonder how long google will only charge $5 for their storage…something tells me that will go up one day.yes we do have to go thru a toll to get out to the costal beaches, some are exclusive and some charge up to $25 for entry…even the ones around town…nothings free here in America…i don't know why they say it's a free country…i guess they just believe what they're told (no offense)

  5. Love the pig tree. This is a sweet post. It was just nice to see you all enjoying each others company on a nice stroll.You phone takes good pictures.

  6. This looks like so much fun! What a treat to see cockatoos and kookaburras in the wild! (Is that the correct plural for "kookaburra"?) The pig face tree is great. I loved taking a walk with you and your family. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for this tour with you and your family!It's facinating how twins look and wear the same :)SIMC greetings from Casa,have a good week ahead!

  8. The "doctored" pig tree is a hoot– or should I say snoot ;-)Thanks for taking us along on your walk. It looks like the whole gang hand fun.Happy SIMC, jj

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