Quick hit: Church billboards make me sad.

I drove Caitlin to her ballet class this afternoon, on the way we pass one of the local churches and, as I find myself involuntarily doing every time, I read its notice board. Now, the things written on this notice board are often inane and sometimes illogical* but this one strikes me as being actually offensive.

“God allows what he hates to achieve what he loves.”

I beg your pardon? The end justifies the means? All the suffering and hatred and evil and misery in our world is justified by the supposed fact that some people will believe in and worship God? I don’t think so.

*There’s a church in Hornsby for which I would add occasionally funny/clever, but this church’s notice board has never made me so much as smile.

3 thoughts on “Quick hit: Church billboards make me sad.

  1. SOMETIMES I think the ends justifies the means. I do not like disciplining my kids and wish I could get by without it…but I know I have to do it for them to grow into the kind of adults I want them to be. Not always, but sometimes. Just a thought. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Well yes, but there's a slight difference in scale between a parent disciplining a child and the suffering of millions that is implicitly being excused in this particular answer to the question of evil. Plus, the child receives a direct benefit from good parental discipline whereas it's hardly possible to claim that for the victims of acts of human evil, or for that matter of "acts of God" such as earthquakes or floods.

  3. It has a certain air of petulant child about it too, for mine. "All sorts of horrible things may happen, but as long as I get my way in the end, it's all good". Which is not much different to what you said, but to me it just sounds so childish….And I agree, I don't find disciplining my children to be something I hate – it's something I know doesn't actually harm them. It's something that causes anger and frustration and backlash, but not actual distress. I don't do discipline that causes real distress.

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