Friday Fragments

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Friday fragment flit and flutter around in one’s fogged up fancy, frustrating one’s faculties and forcing a foundering of fullfilling fought thought! Sorry. All that alliteration almost absconded with my ability to articulate accurately. Ahem. I’ll stop there and offload some of these pesky flittering fragments shall I?

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Cystitis sucks. 
It’s also the reason there was no decluttering pics yesterday. I got home from canteen duty at the high school, went to the loo, thought “uh oh, that doesn’t feel good” and within the hour was in agony. I dragged myself up to the shops for cranberry juice and Ural, and fortunately I had a stash of antibiotics in the medicine box from the last round of misery. So, although I spent Thursday afternoon and evening curled on the lounge feeling sorry for myself, by this morning I was well enough to head off for work. What a waste of half a day.


So does bullying.
I’d just come home from picking Caitlin and Tom up from school on the way home from work today when I got an SMS from Dave saying simply “Can you pick me up?” It was still a good 15 minutes till his bus was due so I was a little surprised and concerned. I SMSed back “Yeah ok. Why?” and then rang him. He clearly didn’t want to tell me over the phone why he wanted to be picked up but I guessed it might have been a problem with some other kids so I didn’t press him and agreed to come get him. When he got in the car I asked “Want to tell me why I’m here?” Apparently he’d had some unpleasant interactions with a few kids in his class earlier in the week and had overheard them talking about catching the same bus as him this afternoon (they don’t usually, but wanted to go somewhere that’s on its route). He won’t tell me what they said or did and doesn’t want me to do anything about it but clearly it’s been bad enough that he didn’t feel able to cope with being on the same bus as them. Life is just really not fair sometimes.


Tom wants to buy a Thermomix
I took the kids with me to a Thermomix demo tonight at Di and Bren’s place. It’s a pretty cool piece of equipment, but at almost $2000.00 I think I’ll give it a miss. Tom got to help with cooking the last course of the 6 course demo – a custard. He was very taken with it and assured me that it would make cooking a lot easier, he even offered to donate the contents of his bank account towards the purchase price. I’ll confess to being tempted by the vision of Tom doing all the cooking for the family in the Thermomix but I suspect the novelty would wear off all too soon.


I’ve missed 2 days of decluttering
See, I was having such a nice time sitting around talking to friends tonight, and my kids were being so perfectly behaved, that I ended up leaving to come home at least an hour later than I had intended. So when I got home I had to choose between doing a quick declutter and writing a Friday Fragments post. I think I got my priorities right, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Suck is right! I hope you feel better.That Thermomix is pretty nifty though for a price like that, I'll stick to my blender. 🙂 Now, if it got someone else to make dinner I'd be ALL for it!

  2. Bullying does suck. And your priorities are definitely in order. I'm off to check out what this Thermomix is. Hope you are feeling tip top.

  3. I really dread Sam getting older b/c of the bully-fear. I don't want him to be one and I don't want him to be the target of one.So glad you are feeling better!

  4. Absolutely! FF are very satisfying :)Yeah, the men do love those gadgets. It's good that you are your husband's voice of reason :)So sorry to hear you were suffering, but I'm glad you're better now.The Cheetos will go out in tomorrow's mail (assuming it doesn't cost too much to mail! Can't wait to find out.)

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