Kitchen cupboards of DOOOOOM!

You know that cupboard that you just throw things in that don’t really have a home elsewhere? The one where nothing stacks neatly and you can never find anything in it? No, not the Tupperware cupboard…what? You mean there’s not supposed to be two cupboards like that? Oh. Never mind then.

I started out to clean out the cupboard under the sink but discovered that the randomness at the back of it had spread into the cupboard next door so I ended up doing both.

Under the sink (before)
Under the sink (before)
The corner cupboard (half-way through)
Corner cupboard (half-way through)
Under the sink (after)
Under the sink (after)
The corner cupboard (after)
Corner cupboard (after)

I’m throwing out a lot of stuff from under here (or, in the case of the disposable plates, cups etc, finding a new home for it) so as an added bonus I got to put some of the less often used appliances and the box of bottles for homemade ginger beer that have been cluttering up my benches, away away in the cupboards.

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