Monday miscellany and menu plan

Today was Wacky Hair Day at the school. A gold coin donation is collected for something or other, I forget what and the kids couldn’t remember either, I guess the excitement of silly hairdo competitions and not having to wear school uniforms wipes all other considerations from mind.


We did lots of decluttering on the Sunday but somehow most of the house looks worse than when we started. I sorted through all the stationery and arts and crafts supplies and found enough lead pencils and coloured pencils to last us several years. Caitlin tested all the textas and there’s enough of them to last till kingdom come too.

The top shelf of the cupboard that I’d tackled on Friday turned out to contain mostly craft stuff so I was able to clear that out completely and we’re using it to store the basket of reenactment tableware.

Just right for the reenactment basket
We’ve made significant inroads to the mess that was left in the room destined to be Caitlin’s bedroom.
So. Much. Crap.
I might even be able to get the vacuum cleaner in here soon!
The sofa bed has been unearthed!

Unfortunately some of what came out of that room ended up in my newly cleaned up lounge room but we’ll get it all sorted out eventually.

My menu plan for the week is as follows:
Monday  – teriyaki pork ribs, corn on the cob and garlic brussels sprouts (and very nice they were too)
Tuesday – coq au vin with rice and green beans
Wednesday – corned beef with mashed potatoes and steamed veg
Thursday – sausages, jacket potatoes and salad
Friday – pizza (homemade if I have the energy!)
Saturday – Brendan’s birthday dinner so no cooking for me. Yay!
Sunday – minestrone soup and bread

2 thoughts on “Monday miscellany and menu plan

  1. First, I love those hairdo's. Very cool and creative. Actually where I live, it is the norm in some areas. Shedding the stuff I don't want for me is always a pain. Sometimes I just don't have the energy. As for your menu, save a space for me at dinner each night. Especially minestrone soup and bread night. I'll bring the chianti šŸ˜€

  2. I've been meaning to tell you as well I love your header. Is that a veld fire? It looks like the Protea family.

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