Lists that need to be written:

  • Tom’s belated birthday party guest list
  • Christmas party / Adam’s “Don’t Panic” birthday party guest list (he’s turning 42, bring your towel!)
  • Christmas shopping list
  • New Zealand holiday organising list
  • New Zealand holiday packing/purchasing list
  • Craft and reenactment projects to do list
  • House decluttering and renovating to do list
  • Shopping list for grocery shopping on Thursday

Some of these lists are partially in my head and I believe Adam has partial versions of a couple of them too. It’d be kind of handy if they were done properly and put somewhere sensible though.

Lists I’m contemplating posting here on my blog:

And finally, tonight’s to do list:

  • Blog
  • Have a mug of tea
  • Put a load of washing on
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • More tea
  • Start planning New Zealand trip
  • Refill the mug
  • Find the letter I’ve been carrying around in my bag for weeks but which has gone missing just when I needed it.
  • Might make this one chamomile
  • Read a book
  • Sleep

Better get on with it hadn’t I? Step one, boil the kettle.

7 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I've subscribed to Flylady again to try to get through Christmas a little more smoothly. Pulled out the previous Flylady stuff. Many lists already created. 🙂 Sadly, this year's gifts are not covered.

  2. North Island, 8th to 23rd Jan next year, doing a beach holiday here 16th-18th with the fabulous Emma and her family who live in Auckland. Emma has thrown a few ideas at me already but suggestions and opinions of all kinds are welcome :-)Oh, and my dad is house sitting so that's the house security and pet pampering taken care of! You know, just in case anyone is reading who I'd rather wasn't.

  3. I can't be bothered looking for the letter and I'm one cup of tea behind schedule, but I'm going to bed anyway – chamomile and Sookie Stackhouse, here I come!

  4. Er, there's a slight calendar!fail in my comment up thread, the beach holiday is from 16th – 21st. See, not enough tea!

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