Sundays in My City – Last day of the summer holidays

Unknown Mami
Hosted by Unknown Mami

We started off with a lazy morning and a very late brunch, Adam cooked onion and bacon omelette with grilled tomato and mushrooms. Then we did a little bit of tidying up and hung two loads of washing out in the sunshine.

Next up was a game of Munchkin, I won (woohoo!) and lorded it over the others in true Munchkin style. I reckon that’s the first game I’ve won in years, I usually spend the whole game failing to collect any useful cards and languishing on a level so low that most of the interesting monsters won’t even bother to chase me.

After I’d finished gloating I took Tom to enroll in his drama classes and have put my own name down for the new adult drama classes that his teacher will be running this term. I blame the internet, it told me to do it.

Tom and I came home, changed into swimmers and the whole family piled into the car and headed for the beach.

We all went in for a swim and got thoroughly worn out fighting the slightly dump-y surf before retreating to the deep trough of calmer water closer to shore, then Adam went to get the camera while I stayed in with the kids.

Avalon beach
Avalon Beach
Me with the kids in the calmer water.
Swimming at Avalon Beach
Me again!
Mim at Avalon
Tom, having inflated his rash vest by blowing into it.
Tom inflated his rash vest

Bonus video with lots of wind noise.

Then we had fish and chips for dinner, followed by ice cream, and came home, tired, sandy, salty and happy.

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12 thoughts on “Sundays in My City – Last day of the summer holidays

  1. Too cold for the beach here, but your beach is stunningly beautiful!!! And great pics! You are very beautiful with the blushed cheeks and warm water droplets on your face. Looks like a lot of fun there!

  2. The beach shots are great. I'm so excited you signed up for the drama class. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm glad the internet made you do it.

  3. Well, what a magnificent day you had, starting with that yummy omelet. You certainly crammed it full of wonderful things. I didn't get in a swim during my two brief days in Sydney before embarking on a twelve day cruise which ended up in Auckland. I did thoroughly enjoy myself ( drank a lot of wonderful wine and had dinner two nights in a row at the Quay ), strolling about, seeing the sights. What a wonderful part of the world. I wish I could get back but, now that I've retired, money is an issue! I'm so glad I really traveled the world while I still had an income!

  4. That water looks sooo inviting! it's freezing cold here and we're supposed to be getting snow this week..wanna swap? lol

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