Dear OmniFocus, I think I love you

About a year ago Adam got himself this to-do list manager thingy which he then proceeded enthuse about at regular intervals. On Saturday when I fell in a little heap and wept at him about feeling overwhelmed and out of control he suggested I try it out. So I downloaded the free trial version and started playing around.

I’m a great writer of to-do lists, in fact I’ve been known to write lists of the lists I need to write. Of course writing lists, while solving the brain so full of little things you can’t think properly about any of them problem, doesn’t actually get any of the things on the lists done. Yesterday I indulged my list writing impulse to the point of exhaustion – there was nothing else I could think of to add.

Then, wonder of wonders, I started doing the stuff that OmniFocus was telling me needed to be done urgently. All the little things that had been hanging over my head for weeks, or months even in some cases. And today I have continued to Get Stuff Done.

I know it’s too early to say for sure that All My Problems Are Solved!!!!!eleventy1! but, as a champion procrastinator with a tendency to, having written a nice long to-do list, look at the list and become totally overwhelmed and unable to start on even one thing, it feels slightly miraculous.

If it’s still working for me at the end of the 14 day trial period I can totally see myself forking out real money for a glorified (and oh so much more useful and clever) list-stuck-to-the-fridge. Seriously, this program is fucking brilliant.

8 thoughts on “Dear OmniFocus, I think I love you

  1. Yeah I love Omnifocus too. It’s super flexible and allows you to customize it to your needs. Have you checked out using perspectives yet? It allows you to make custom lists based on your needs.

  2. With my coffee cup sitting on my to-do list, and it having run out of space with more things to add, this seems so terribly timely. And besides, the Done on my phone has not induced All My Problems Are Solved!!!!!eleventy1!, possibly because it’s such a PITA to type on.

  3. I dream about having a to do list but just haven’t found a way that lists work for me yet. They sort of overwhelm me in a bad way.

    Maybe I should look into omnifocus!

  4. Day 3, still going strong. Only problem is thinking of something I need to add to the list when I’m not near my laptop and then not being able to remember what it was when I get back. Can easily see why you’d end up forking out for a version for an iphone/ipad as well. Adam has it on his laptop and iphone.

    1. I’m still going strong with it a week down the track, yesterday I added “buy strawberry plants” to be done in the second half of August because Tom asked if we could grow strawberries.

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