Friday Fragments

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I realised this week that it has been four whole months since I last fragmented. Now, if that was a reference to my mental stability it’d probably be quite a good thing, but as it actually refers to the act of offloading all those little bits and pieces that accumulate in your head and don’t quite qualify for a post of their own it’s probably more of a danger sign that my mind might be well on the way to some sort of overload situation and I should probably do something about it as soon as possible.

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So. Better get on with it I guess.

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You’d think there’d be heaps just sitting there waiting to pour out onto the screen wouldn’t you?

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Want to hear about some time traveling we’ve done recently? That’s always fun isn’t it?

At Easter we went to the 16th Australian Reenactment Confrention (that’s what people end up calling something when no-one can decide whether it’s a conference or a convention). This is an event that happens every two years and is hosted by different groups each time. This year it was run exceedingly well by Danelaw at their property in the Southern Highlands just a few hours drive from where we are in Sydney. There were reenactment groups there ranging from Ancient Greece and Rome through to the 18th Century.

Have a slideshow – saves me deciding which pics to share with you πŸ™‚
Click here to see the set on Flickr if you can’t see the slideshow.

Notable happenings at the Con:

  • Tom collected leeches like they were going out of fashion, the scars from a couple of the bites are still visible.
  • Adam cooked sourdough bread in one of the beehive ovens, with limited success – very tricky to get the temperature right!
  • On the last feast night we had a massive bread fight, quite a few of the 200+ attendees had gone home by then but there must have been about 100 people throwing bread rolls and frisbee-ing lebanese flatbread around the marquee at the end of the meal.
  • Deb and I ran a glass bead making workshop which was very popular, originally we’d planned to do one session, we decided to do a second and could easily have filled a third class if we had given in to the begging.
  • Clara had the best time ever doing doggy things with all the other dogs at the camp.

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Three weeks ago we were at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre where I spent the weekend sitting around doing some tablet weaving and talking to members of the public about what we do as reenactors.

Mim tablet weaving
It’s lots of fun but also really exhausting being on display like that. The tablet weaving generates lots of interest, lots of people ask for contact details – in fact I came home and ordered some business cards to have handy for the next public event.

Clara proved to be quite an attraction too, she makes a pretty good authentic viking dog don’t you think?

Clara the very authentic viking dog
Deb did some glass bead making.

Deb making glass beads
Chandra cooked fabulous food for us.


I provided the ingredients for Sunday’s stew – lamb, bacon, onions, mushrooms, garlic, various root vegetables and, due to getting a little carried away in the herb section when shopping, parsley, sage, rosemary AND thyme. It turned out delicious but everyone was cursing me for the accompanying earworm.

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Oh, and it’s not time travel, and you’ve possibly noticed already, but look! New website! My own domain! And a shop that actually works! (I think, I hope, do tell me if you find something that doesn’t work won’t you?)

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Don’t forget to go visit Mrs 4444’s place and catch up on all the other fragmenting going on about the place!

14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

    1. Her papers say she’s a staffy mastiff cross but as she was a rescue dog we can’t be 100% sure. She is kind of gorgeous isn’t she πŸ™‚

  1. Your pictures are great!!! Those reenactments look/sound fascinating! I’ve known several people who went to US Civil War reenactments. I really like the clothes!!! Way cool!

  2. I love the food and the crafts at these events. I’ve done quilting and spinning at things like this and I’m always surprised that they generate so much interest. I’d have been interested in your glass bead sessions too.

  3. Okay, I’ll bite–What the heck is an earworm?! I Googled it but just got confused.

    This was really interesting!Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I was relieved your feed didn’t disappear from my reader πŸ™‚ I must say re-enactment stuff looks like a lot of fun. I suppose it appeals to my love of dressing up and doing crafty stuff, and doing stuff the old ways.

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