Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami
We went bowling this morning, it’s been a long time between visits to the bowling alley and we were all rather rusty. But no children’s tempers were lost and no muscles were pulled so all was well.

David and Caitlin at bowling
Caitlin and David, and Tom's friend's feet
Me bowling
I so need a haircut
Me from the front, I need a haircut
Adam bowling
My dad and Tom in the background
My dad and Tom in the background

We came home and had a BBQ lunch and sat around chatting for a while before finally deciding it was time to get some of that decluttering done that I’d planned to spend most of the weekend on.

Samantha was not pleased to be disturbed.

What do you mean you want to tidy the drawers?
What do you mean you want to tidy the drawers?
Oh, all right, I'll move if I must
Oh, all right, I'll move if I must

Every time Adam or I have sat down and stopped moving since evicting her from the chest of drawers, Samantha has proceeded to sit on us.

Self portrait with cat
Self portrait with cat

So there you have it, my Sunday. Not terribly picturesque this week, but there was family fun and feline fuzziness and that’s not such a bad way to spend a day 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Sundays in My City

  1. My fingers still hurt from bowling a couple weeks ago. I scored 75 and I’m proud of it.

    That’s a huge cat.

    Fun pictures.
    Happy Sunday and new week.

  2. Love bowling. There is only one place near us to bowl and it’s so busy you have to wait in line to bowl. I’m not a patient girl. 🙂

    That cat cracks me up. I’m sure she’d roller her eyes at you if she could…

  3. I love your cat. She is big and beautiful! My cat is a slinky malinky but still manages to obscure my vision when she sits on my neck.

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