Happy Father’s Day

There are many reasons why Adam is awesome.

He produces delicious sourdough bread on a semi-regular basis.

Slices of Adam's sourdough

Slices of Adam's sourdough

He takes on such projects as the sewing of reenactment clothes with enthusiasm and drive that gets me off my struggling-with-a-mood-downswing butt (hello *waves* that’s why the blog silence recently, almost wasn’t going to write this either). I don’t have a photo of him sewing, but I do have one of Samantha helping, both the cats have been very generous with their support in this matter.

Samantha helping with the sewing

Samantha sitting on the cloth we were about to cut pattern pieces from

He and I both marked the same choice for number of hours spent on housework on the recent census, ie not all that many. Which tells you something about a) how little I do, b) the state of our house and c) his wonderful easy-goingness.

He is patient and kind and generous, he has rock solid integrity, he’s a fantastic father.

And best of all, he’s incredibly silly.

We went to The Löwenbräu Keller in The Rocks for Father’s Day lunch today, my dad came along too. Adam is a member at Löwenbräu which means he has his own stein there with his name engraved on it and there are staff members who recognise him and welcome him back. Not a particularly hard thing to do on this occasion as it was actually the third time he’d been there this week (lunch with his brother on Monday and something with work people on Wednesday).

Adam drinking from his personal stein at Lowenbrau

Adam drinking from his personal stein at Löwenbräu

When the face-painting lady asked Caitlin if she wanted her face painted I jokingly said “No, but he does!” And we all laughed. Then Adam, trading witticisms with our waitress, said “I want to get my face painted” and she returned straighted-faced “That’s no problem at all!” The very lovely face-painter seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea too.

Face painting

Face painting with a difference - more beard than usual

The kids were torn between hilarity and abject embarrassment, the people at the surrounding tables thought it was vastly amusing.

David and Caitlin while the face painting is happening

David and Caitlin while the face painting is happening

Having a very happy Fathers Day

A work of art!

We then proceeded to wander around The Rocks markets, bought various bits and pieces from broadly grinning stall holders, provoked double-takes from passing adults and smiles of delight from small children.

The only evidence of my father’s presence today is this photo he took of all of us together. I think Tom had just about had enough at this point.

At The Rocks markets

At The Rocks markets

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad and husband ever, the absolutely amazingly awesome Adam.

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Unknown Mami


16 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    How lovely, it sounds like a wonderful day and Adam sounds like a wonderful person!
    Also I liked the photo of your happily embarrassed family. More superlatives! You all look loving and happy.

  2. Bri says:

    Gotta love a man who will get his face painted and wear it out in public!

  3. Leslie says:

    What a Catch!!! Adam sounds like a wonderful man! Happy Father’s day! Have a fantasitc new week!

  4. sheila says:

    Oh, now this is just so much fun! And what a great sport!!! Happy Father’s Day!

  5. blue milk says:

    Absolutely lovely post and your husband is rather adorable, too. This was such a nice read for me as everyone in this house, bar me, is incredibly unwell at the moment and this has been such a flat father’s day. Living vicariously through yours.

  6. blue milk says:

    Also, sorry to hear how flat you’ve been feeling lately.

  7. Tara R. says:

    The face painting is hilarious! Embarrassing teens is just an added bonus. Happy Father’s Day.

  8. 😀 Lovely post and a big hug to you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to lurk here quite a bit in the archives.

    Cheers! to you and your lovely family.

  9. Sour bread…. oh love it. Love the way you captured the special moments of your children on camera. Their faces are priceless watching Dad get painted.

  10. Sarah says:

    He sounds like a wonderful father, husband and man.

    Love the face painting. Good on him for getting in on the fun. Who says facepainting is just for kids!

  11. Unknown Mami says:

    Aww, he’s delightful! Happy Father’s Day to him!

  12. del says:

    Awesome face painting. What a wonderful way to spend a special day.

  13. tigtog says:

    Mim, what wonderful photos! We had a much quieter day just going to the movies.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been on a mood-downswing lately. I’ve been all over the shop with the season change myself – we should get together and do something uplifting soon.

  14. Maggie says:

    What a great guy! Regular sourdough bread and he’s willing to be embarrassed for the joy of his kids. Think you’ve got a keeper there.

  15. Tiff says:

    Love the painted face! What a cool dad.

    Sorry you are feeling low lately.

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