Have some cute bunny pics

It being rather warm, we put a container full of ice out in the bunnies’ enclosure today, Toffee spent most of her day lying with her cheek snuggled up against it. Caramel spent most of his day sprawled in the corner at the end of Caitlin’s bed enjoying the comfort of air-conditioning and a spare pillow to lie on. Toffee is a bit of a home girl and doesn’t like to venture too far from the hutch while Caramel is busily claiming all available space as his territory.

By the time I managed to get around to picking up my camera the cool change had begun to come through so both bunnies had roused themselves from their cool and comfy spots and were getting into some late afternoon nibbling, grooming and, in Toffee’s case, more snoozing.

Must you point that thing at me? I just woke up and hey, how about some privacy?!
Caramel cuddles
Caramel cuddles
Toffee and Caramel
Toffee and Caramel in the hutch
Bunny bum
Bunny bum!
Action shot!
Face grooming action shot!
Caramel getting at the itchy bits
*eyes camera suspiciously*
*high speed nose twitching*
Toffee snoozing

6 thoughts on “Have some cute bunny pics

    1. We are NOT having bunny babies šŸ˜› Particularly not incestuous bunny babies! Caramel will be going for a little visit to the vet just before his 5 month birthday.

  1. Now that’s more my cup of tea. I simply couldn’t look at the “other” page without having a panic attack.

    This page makes me have a cute attack!

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