Monday Moggy

Came home from dropping Tom at school, taking the sewing machine in for repairs, and buying David’s school uniforms, to find this on the kitchen table.

Cat on laptop
Cat on laptop

The sound of the camera prompted the opening of one eye and a pointed “I’m not moving” glare.

I have to move?
I have to move?

But I am cruel, and kicked her off anyway.

Samantha in profile
Samantha in profile, being aloof

And then Caitlin brought in a box of stationery that had been delivered some days ago but not yet unpacked. Samantha decided to help.

What? You wanted to unpack the box?
What? You wanted to unpack the box?

Such a thoughtful animal. Cute though, so she gets away with it.

Samantha watching activity in the kitchen.
So good of us to provide her with a vantage point for kitchen surveillance

One day I’m going to get back to blogging something of more substance than critters and holidays. But today is not that day.

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