And to think I used to complain about stuffed toys breeding

You know how Caitlin got two rabbits just before Christmas? And they were brother and sister? Well, I looked up rabbit info and I had a conversation with the vet and for reasons that all made perfect sense at the time (mostly to do with cost and rabbit vulnerability to anaesthetic) I decided we’d desex the boy at about 4 months old and get the girl done when she was a little older and bigger. So Caramel was duly carted off to the vet on 10th Feb at 4 months and 2 days old. But apparently no-one told Caramel that he wasn’t supposed to be fertile till around 5 months old because on the 11th of March Caitlin opened up the top of the hutch to do a thorough clean out of the bedding to find this:

Baby bunnies on the day they were discovered
Baby bunnies on the day they were discovered


So now we have six rabbits instead of two and there is much cuteness and Toffee has turned into a fierce, growly, protective mummy bunny who eyes us suspiciously every time we come into the rabbit enclosure and has no appreciation for people who rescue her babies when they escape from the nursery (ow my thumb).

I could have filled this post with endless rabbit pics, but the slideshow option was quicker and easier. If you can’t view the slideshow all the pics are here on Flickr.

Stuffed toys may take over the house, but they’re cleaner and cheaper and they don’t bite. Anyone want a baby rabbit?

7 thoughts on “And to think I used to complain about stuffed toys breeding

  1. AH! They are just so beautiful and cute that I want to eat them up!
    I used to have pet bunnies, and I miss them so much – I miss them even more every time my cat bites me, they were so sweet by comparison.

  2. They’re looking a lot like Caramel and Toffee! So sweet! Fern was never that protective of them when they were babies- we handled them constantly… has she let you have a hold? They’ll grow up less skittish I’m told if you handle them lots…

    1. Toffee gets very distressed if we touch them and ends up frantically clambering all over them once they’re back in the hutch so we’ve had to leave them alone mostly, one of them got scratched by her so I didn’t want to risk it while they’re so tiny. There’ll be plenty of time to handle them when they’re a little more robust.

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