I’m sure this is metaphoric or something

We have no lounge room at the moment. As I may have mentioned. So tonight I was sitting at the kitchen table (which is not in the kitchen, but in the half of the rumpus room that is not currently serving as our bedroom – are you all keeping this straight in your minds? There’s a quiz later) uploading the photos from Blacktown Medieval Fayre and this happened:


The slideshow shows Samantha attempting to sit on my shoulder, chest, stomach, neck, chest again, having one last go at finding a horizontal spot and then giving up and sitting on my laptop keyboard instead where she typed a 407 character tweet consisting almost entirely of the letter “g” which I declined to publish.

She just tried it again as I was typing this post. Apparently I’m not the only one bemoaning the lack of warm comfy seating in this house.

Blacktown was fun, you can have a look at my pics of that too if you like:


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