Still renovating

There’s been a bit more work done since my last renovations post back in September.

The backyard was finished – topsoil and plants in the garden beds.

Looking down at yard from the back deckBackyard landscapingTrampoline temporarily on the shed slabBackyard landscaping

Adam and David built the shed, the garden beds were mulched and the lawn was laid

Shed, constructed by AdamNew lawn

Clara approved of the new lawn

Clara approves of the new grass

We bought some outdoor furniture

New garden bench

And moved the rabbits down from the back deck

New storage bench and comfy chairs

Work began on the downstairs rebuilding with a doorway being cut between our bedroom and the old study.

Bedroom on the left, hallway to garage and stairs on the right

Before the wall

Before the wall

Under construction

Framework upGyprock going on

Achievement unlocked: bedroom privacy!

Achievement unlocked: bedroom privacy!
Bedroom with wall, and almost tidy!

We’d been working to a deadline to get the sofabed moved downstairs into what is now Tom and my study and the gym.

Completed bedroom wall from the lounge/study/gym side

We needed to move the sofa bed because our new lounges were coming.

New lounges

This brings us to the end of November, at which point I decreed that building stuff could now wait till after Christmas.

Christmas happened, apparently it’s mostly about food.

And then we were back to pulling bits of the house apart. The wall between our bedroom and Adam’s study now has double sliding doors installed in it, they’ll mostly stay open but can be closed over if Adam needs to work late or one of us needs to get up early and doesn’t want to disturb the other too much.

One doorTwo doors

And they even close!

And, bringing us up to today’s activities, the wall for our walk-in wardrobe is also under construction.

Walk-in wardrobe wall in progress

It feels like we’re getting there, the house is certainly a lot more pleasant to live in now than it has been for many years, but there’ll be more updates to come over the next few months at least.

4 thoughts on “Still renovating

  1. Wow! You are SO brave undertaking all this at once (or in succession). It is looking superb and you won’t know yourself when it is done!

  2. Very impressive, Mim. I’m a bit in awe of you taking on so much all at once too: we tend to do renovations bit by bit. Our Christmas project was painting our room, and digging out the garden, and we feel as though that’s quite enough for now.

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