#KellsWritingChallenge Day 3 – Chocolate cake

Yesterday there should have been a post using the prompt “chocolate cake”. Yesterday was not a day conducive to writing, let alone writing about chocolate cake. I don’t think I care enough about chocolate cake to write a post about it.

Mr17 probably cares enough, if his rant on the subject of the difference between good cake and disappointing cake in the car this afternoon was anything to go by. None of that jam and cream nonsense for him. He’s a good quality mud cake purist. No, I don’t remember why we were talking about cake.

Oh, wait, yes I do. It was because Ms16 was complaining about people being astonished that she doesn’t like chocolate. Or cake.

Anyway. Yesterday when I was supposed to be writing this post I…um…oversaw the creation of the following instead.

Untitled copyUntitled 2 copyUntitled 3 copyUntitled 4 copy

It was that sort of a day all round really.

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