#KellsWritingChallenge Day 2 – Summer

Not my favourite time of the year. In fact, I’m with Brocklesnitch on the subject of summer, it generally makes me miserable and because I’m not a fan of being miserable and we have air-conditioning at home it also tends to result in a massive electricity bill. Which I feel guilty about. But not quite guilty enough to choose to be non-functional instead.

There are compensations though.

Mangoes. Cherries. Summer fruit in general. The fruit bowl is a much sadder place in winter.

Mango daiquiris. Of which there will be many this weekend.


Our Christmas party. That’s usually pretty good. This year’s will be our 23rd in an unbroken annual tradition. Good god. That makes me feel old.

School holidays. A break from routine. Not having to spend my afternoons ferrying kids to various extra-curricular activities. Mind you, there’s all the end of year events to survive first.

Sand between the toes. Being buffeted by surf.

Daylight savings. I’m a huge fan of that, especially now that the kids are old enough for bedtime changes not to be a problem.

Ummm. That’s about it really.

I should probably move to somewhere that has Sydney’s winter temperatures but with summer hours of daylight. And humidity can just fuck right off.

I can dream, right?

One thought on “#KellsWritingChallenge Day 2 – Summer

  1. i’m pretty much with you. Love summer fruits and holidays and the like. But hate the qld weather. I’m not good in the humidity. I’d be better in the arctic quite frankly!

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