The last year and a bit has, quite frankly, been hellish. The unrelenting stress ended up with my immune system doing its best to kill me, I got chronic idiopathic urticaria – head to toe hives for 10 weeks, along with angioedema which had my face and, at its worst, throat as well, swelling up like a balloon and sent me to the emergency ward twice. The right medication and a lot of rest eventually got things more or less under control, and now, seven months down the track, I only get an occasional smattering of hives and my face only blows up mildly every two weeks or thereabouts. It’s great. I’m trying to build up to being able to work two days in a row without then needing two days of total rest to recover.


I aten’t dead!

The renovations are well underway, I have a new deck and will soon have all the other things that should have been done seven years ago all sorted. And as predicted it will all be finished just in time for me to sell the house. I have…feelings…about that.

My youngest child came out as non-binary and changed their name to Zacana and I am so incredibly proud of them. They survived the HSC despite the major disruptions caused by my illness.

Caitlin finished her Bachelor of Music, got engaged to a wonderful woman, and is about to embark on more studies, this time in coding and web development.

David has been an absolute rock of support, he is a wise, compassionate and insightful young man and I would not have survived this past year without him.

I’ve been writing poetry, and some of it isn’t all that terrible. Through January I decided to have a go at writing a poem a day, and came pretty close to doing that. I was going to post some of them here on my blog but that didn’t happen, they ended up on Facebook and occasionally Instagram and Twitter. I might put some of the better ones here down the track.

The household now consists of me, Dave, Cait, Zacana, Cait’s fiancée Kat, one cat and one puppy. The cat is not impressed with the addition of the puppy.

I’m trying to think of a fun, preferably creative, daily or weekly goal for February. The poetry thing was good, especially as I could do it on my phone wherever or whenever I happened to have the time or inspiration. Maybe I could work on finishing some weaving projects, I’ve got a few of those languishing in dusty neglect. And I’ve no doubt got some cross-stitch projects that would be portable enough to fit the anywhere, anytime slot. We shall see. I’ll be giving myself today off though, too bloody hot to do anything.



2 thoughts on “I ATE’NT DEAD

  1. Hello! Great to hear that you’re not dead and that things definitely seem to be on the mend. Please pass on my love to Zacana, they’re fucking fantastic.


  2. I enjoy your blog…. are you secretly Granny Weatherwax? She’s my favorite. Be well. I just read a response you made to someone on another post about using bamboo skewers when trying to work out a new pattern. I am so excited to have found that. What a Great idea! I’m trying to figure out how to create a pattern… and that will prove to be super helpful. Keep yourself well and safe.

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