MOP 2022 Day 3

On the inspirational limitations of being stuck mostly on my bed for a month

I would like to write a poem
But the words don’t seem to come
No inspiration leaps at me
From bedroom walls
Or phone screen scrolling
(That’s given me a trigger thumb)
I’ve taken All The Photos
Of cats and dog, they’re all the same
Bacon begging, snuggle snoozing
Death by toe bean cuteness done

Tomorrow, this a promise given
To myself, a sort of bribe
I’m calling my toes near ‘nough ready
To brave a shower and not stay dry
Then down the stairs
I’ll venture early
Boil the kettle
Make some tea
And in the early morning coolness
I’ll take my pot and mug with me
To sit a while with no walls round me
Breathe deep the outside
Drink down the sky


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