MOP 2023 Day 12: In praise of freshly vacuumed carpet

I honestly didn’t think I was going to write anything today, but then inspiration struck! 🤣When the cat litter lives in the ensuiteAnd it’s been a few weeksSince the cleaners were hereIt can get to the pointWhere it makes perfect senseTo break out the vacuumAnd freak out the catsRight when the household Is settling for bedBecause evenOneMoreMinuteOf walking on that floorCannotBe Endured Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 12: In praise of freshly vacuumed carpet

MOP 2023 Day 9

I’ve tried to find a poemIt should be somewhere here I’ve searched today and last night tooBut without joy did fareI’ve delved in all the usual placesNothing loitered thereI’ve poked at lots of tender spotsWhere bruises heal and fadeI’ve looked for mirth and whimsyEven in the most mundane I’ve waited for my muse to comeShe must have been delayedI’ve asked the dog and cats for helpAnd puzzled over tea leavesI’ve listened to the stormy windCarousing through the treesI’ve rummaged through my memories Foraged in my dreamsI’ve toyed with many well worn words And phrases that won’t fitI’ve felt the fleeting … Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 9

MOP 2023 Day 7 Saturday Challenge – “T”: An invitation

I hear your sighingQuiet achingPut the kettle on to boilI hear your footsteps Slow and draggingTea pot warming over flameI see you standingLost, uncertain Scent of tea leaves fills the airI see your angerFearful, hurtingMugs, milk, sugar all are thereI can’t solve all thingsKnow no answersPot brewing steam twists risingCome sit down with meI’ll stay silentPour out tea and all your cares Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 7 Saturday Challenge – “T”: An invitation

MOP 2023 Day 3: Cheese on toast

Bread toasted just enough To provide a stable structure Cheese cut thick from a proper blockNo pre-sliced nonsense allowedFire up the toaster ovenGrill on medium, not too closeWatch the toast edge carefully No blackness, not too dryThen when the cheese has meltedAnd grilled to golden brownTransfer to plate this perfect snackAnd with glee gobble down Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 3: Cheese on toast

MOP 2023 Day 2: A Small Request

I didn’t hit my books read goalOr finish any weavingI didn’t do my steps most daysOr hit my target sleepingI haven’t done the cleaning upOr found the missing keyI haven’t practiced learning FrenchOr walked beside the seaI couldn’t bake the gingerbread Or decorate with lolliesI couldn’t wake for midnight cheerOr any New Years folliesI wouldn’t say the last year’s beenA favourite one of mineI wouldn’t say it’s been the worstBut please, this year, be kind?#notasbadasvogons Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 2: A Small Request

MOP 2023 Day 1: Contentment

There’s a cat in a boxToy mouse on the floorA dog on a cushion Licking her pawOther cats sleepPerched high in the airOr hogging a blanketLoudly they purrThe kitchen is messyWe ate well todayWe’ll clean up tomorrow Well, that’s what we sayThere’s been board gamesBut none that went for too longA fair bit of silliness Occasional songThe kettle is boilingDay’s end drawing nearIt’s been quite a good oneThis first of the year Continue reading MOP 2023 Day 1: Contentment

A poem about sadness

I am having a sad and quiet sort of dayMy mind wandering along well worn pathsTurning over memories Feeling the time worn smoothnessWhere sharp edges once wereCatching here and there on Parts more jaggedOr more freshly knappedBy recent blows There is a strange comfort and peaceIn allowing grief and pain their spaceI was hurt but I am wholeMy tears nowSoft rain in the wake of stormsI read words written in remembered anguishFind in them fierce strengthUnflinching honestyGenerous loveI am content with who I amMaybe even a little proudSelf compassion warmsA tired, aching heartAnd my sadness easesWith the hint of a … Continue reading A poem about sadness