MOP 2022 Day 12

It will happen, one day
That all the lost things
Will be found

There have been
Too many years
Of losing things

The urge and inspiration to make things
Ways to be part of creating fun for others

The key for the sewing cabinet
In which the sewing machine is locked
Rendering it unusable

My copy of Swallows and Amazons
The rest of the Christmas decorations

The habit of listening to music
Singing along knowing every word
And being soul fed by it

The charger for my Go-Tcha
Those very expensive sunglasses

My Nana’s trifle bowl I was sure I’d kept
And the recipes written in her hand
On yellowed sheets of paper

The last of the thousand puzzle pieces
My hairbrush cat-stolen from my bathroom

The car keys dropped in a puddle
Searched for in the rain and dark
In my ex husband’s driveway

Stay calm, be patient
It has to be


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